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  • Which Japanese name would you choose? *{^⥿^}*?

    Please help me to choose the best Japanese name for a female character of mine~ Any input is appreciated, even just simple opinions ☆ (Best answer to the suggestion backed by an explanation ♪)

    Wakahisa Sora OR Hachimitsu Sora?

    [Last names: Wakahisa means "forever young", Hachimitsu means "honey"] [First name: Sora means "sky"]

    (Background: This character is an innocent neko girl, aged 15 years old. She is cute and petite with shoulder-length white hair and deep purple eyes. Her personality is very shy, almost mouse-like around strangers, but she is charming and affectionate once one gets to know her ♡)

    So, which last name do you think is more suitable? I like the sound of Hachimitsu and I think the meaning is also cute! However, the name Wakahisa is also good as it is feminine and youthful... help me ;-;

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