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  • GIRLS!!!! Do you all like my love song?

    ok so i wrote this love song, im still lookin for the girl that this will be for one day, but do you girls like this? i put alot of emotion into it. so please tell me if you like it. i think you all would like it even better if you all heard the guitar part to it. the song is called forever mine btw

    Verse1: you are my sunshine, you make me soar thru the sky.

    I will be with you in paradise, and leave all my troubles behind.

    for you are forever mine.

    Chorus: your hair is the sunshine, your eyes are the sea, and the rest of your body, is land just for me(3x)

    Verse2: oh we lay here on the sand, holding each others hand.

    gazing at the sky above, oh how im lost in our love.

    now my hand traces you, each curve soft and smooth.

    the touch of you is high, i could almost die.

    you are of heavens fine, and you are forever mine. (chorus)

    Verse3: the way you look in the moonlight, turns my fire so bright.

    snuggle up close to me,and allow our love to be.

    the taste of our love is sweet, for we are each others treat.

    our love has burned thru the nite, and has given us delight.

    and now i think you know why, that you are forever mine. (chorus)

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  • my laptop is acting weird?

    ok so my HP laptop is acting weird, it wont charge. i plug in the charging cable and it holds the charge but wont fully charge it. like when i plug it in it always says "plugged in and not charging", if i leave it alone for a while then i can come back to it and it says "plugged in and charging". so then i know its fine. but lately for the past 3 days the only thing it says is that its plugged in and not charging. so what is wrong? is my battery messed up or is there a way to fix this without getting a new battery. i do have a warrenty so if i have to get a new battery it shouldnt be that hard to obtain. so please someone help

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  • Why won't my laptop charge?

    ok so i have this laptop that hasn't been charging lately. i don't know why but it wont. i tried switching the outlets of the charger and it still hasnt done anything. its been like this for a day now. usually if u leave it alone for an hour it will charge. ive left it alone for 7hrs and nothing. also when i plugg the charger up it just stays at the battery life it says it has. so should i just let my computer die and see if it will then recharge or is my battery shot or is it just not charging and should i give it a couple of days? so someone please tell me whats going on. thanks

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  • Is this a mental disorder or is it just me?

    ok so is this a mental disorder? im a very deep person and sometimes i step outside myself (which if uve done that it can be scary feeling sometimes) but i think deeply all the time and sometimes cant stop. sometimes i even get a little anxious and paranoid over things. but my deepness is the biggest thing about me, i have deep feelings for just about everything i do or think about sometimes i ask myself deep questions about stuff and events in the world. sometimes i even get scared of thinking because i hate being deep sometimes. so is this a mental disorder or is it just that im a realy deep human being? please help

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  • What packs of baseball cards should I buy to obtain old cards?

    i am looking to get old baseball cards, some that date back to the early 1900's. is there any packs that actually have old baseball cards in them? i hear topps is putting all kinds of crazy stuff in there packs of like allen and ginter, i have been buying those latley. so please tell me what packs i can buy to get realy old baseball cards in them.

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  • Hows this for my love song GIRLS!!!!?

    hese are the lyrics to the first verse and chorus, please tell me if u like it and help me write the rest please!

    verse: you are my sunshine.

    you make me soar thru the sky.

    i will be with you in paradise.

    and throw all my worries aside.

    for you are forever mine.

    Chorus: your hair is the sunshine, your eyes are the sea, and the rest of your body, is land just for me

    land just for me, land just for me, just for me, just for me.

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  • Hows this for my love song?

    these are the lyrics to the first verse and chorus, please tell me if u like it and help me write the rest please!

    verse: you are my sunshine.

    you make me soar thru the sky.

    i will be with you in paradise.

    and throw all my worries aside.

    for you are forever mine.

    Chorus: your hair is the sunshine, your eyes are the sea, and the rest of your body, is land just for me

    land just for me, land just for me, just for me, just for me.

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  • Getting a new hair cut and need to know which one to get? (Pic included)?

    ok the first URL is a pic of me, i am the one on the far right with the shaggy looking hair. the second URL is the style im shooting for. but i think i might look funny in that hair style. so i need your guys input on what you think. do u guys think i will look funny with that hair style or ok? and if i do look funny what style should i go for? thanks



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  • Is this a mental disease?

    ok so ive notice that i get real depressed when im at skool and i see ppl act mean to one another. i want ppl to be nice and love one another. its like anytime im around society and i see bad crap happening i get depressed. i realy care for ppl. i also notice when im at home im always happy. anytime im away from society or not thinking about it im happy as can be. also my depression isnt like i start thinking about suicide its just i get down easy when i see ppl hurting one another. so is there a mental disease or disorder where ppl do this or is it just me expressing my care for ppl? also im a hippie who believes in peace, even tho its prolly not possible. i dont do drugs and i dont have long greasy hair. im just a laid back peacekeeper. so what is wrong with me?

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  • Does this happen to anyone else when they meditate?

    well i meditate, like clearing the mind and just relaxing the body while listening to some soft music. and like ive been getting this weird feeling when i do. its like i feel free and i feel like something is being pulled out of my body. like it feels good but it startels me since i dont expect it. so what is it, is it a good thing or a bad thing, and does it happen to anyone else?

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  • Does anyone else ever "step outside of themselves"?

    like its a feeling that just happens and you have no control of it. u start to think deeply and get this feeling of just darkness, but in a way that you are almost seeing who u are and who everyone else is from like a "powerful indifference" side. it creeps me out and everyone i ask says they dont do it except for my closest friend. also the feeling gives u chills but not like after seeing a ghost or being around ur worst fear, more like chills on the inside. so please what is it and is it bad or good?

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  • Does anyone know a website where I can watch old cartoons from like the 90s?

    i would like to know where to watch them at. like the old cartoons from nickolodean and cartoon network. stuff like dexters laboratory, wild thornberrys, ahh real monsters, rugrats, mike lu and og, rockos mondern life, ren and stimpy, and hey arnold. so please help

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  • Question about the world cup!!!?

    does anyone know if dave matthews will be at the world cup this year in south africa? dave is from south africa, he was born there and he lived there for some part of his life and i would like to know if he will be there or even play there during halftime of one of the matches.

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  • GIRLS!!!!! Would like if a guy sang you this song?

    ok I would like to sing and play guitar for this song to a girl one day but you girls tell me if you would like if a guy did that? here it is:

    Lover Lay Down


    Spring sweet rhythm dance in my head

    Slip into my lover's hands

    Kiss me oh won't you kiss me now

    And sleep I would inside your mouth

    Don't be us too shy

    For knowing it's no big surprise

    That I will wait for you

    I will wait for no one but you

    Oh please lover lay down

    Spend this time with me

    Together share this smile

    Lover lay down

    Spend this time with me

    Walk with me, walk with you

    Hold my hands, your hands

    So much we have dreamed

    And we were so much younger

    Hard to explain that we are stronger

    A million reasons life to deny

    Let's toss them away

    See you and me we

    Lay down look see

    She and he

    By my lover's side

    Together share this smile

    Each other's tears to cry

    Together share this smile

    Lover lay down

    Oh please

    Oh please lover lay down

    Oh please lover lay down

    And you weep

    Lover lay down

    Cause it's over

    Lover lay down

    Say love, say love, say love, say love, say love

    Could I love you

    Could you love me (x4)

    All the same (2x)

    'Til we dance away (4x)

    Chasing me all around

    Leading me all around in circles

    Chasing me all around

    Leading me all around in circles


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  • Does this girl like me?

    ok so theres this girl I like, that i go to school with. I catch her watching me all the time and she catches me watching her too. so im thinking she is probably wondering the same thing. i talk to her in my class every once i a while, and she seems pretty nice but hasnt showed emotions of affection for me, just a nice and friendly attitude. also i think she may be dating a person but everytime i see them talking she dosent seem all that excited or happy so i think they r just friends or something. i also had this dream last night about her confronting me and asking if she liked me, but before i answered i woke up, just my luck. so what does this dream mean and does she like me or not? also i want her number but i am shy so how do i get that too?

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  • GIRLS!!!!! How do you all like this love song I've written?

    ok so im a guy who plays guitar and i wrote this love song,which I hate. So I need you all to edit for me. like tell me what you like and dont like, also tell me what you all think should go in place of other lyrics. thanks and tell me what you all think.

    The Story Of Love

    Lyrics: Verse: The first time I layed eyes on you

    I knew you had to be mine.

    The way your hair blew in the wind,

    The way your eyes shined.

    So whats your name little girl,

    Nice to meet you my name is_____

    So can I get your number.

    Thanks so much cant wait to be friends.

    Chorus: Sweet emotions I love you (3x)

    Verse: Do you have plans this weekend,

    if not lets go hang out together.

    We will go anywhere.

    So here we are at the movies.

    I'll buy anything for you girl.

    So lets go watch the movie,

    It should be lovely. (Repeat Chorus)

    Verse:So Its been over ten years wow.

    Now we're walking on a beach,

    Holding each hand.

    Now lets go dance the night away.

    Now lets go back home and rest,

    For tomorrow will be a brighter day. (Repeat Chorus)

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  • PEOPLE!!!!! Do u like this song I wrote?

    ok im a guy who wrote this song and its just about hangin out with ur lover so tell me how u all like it, also if u want music i can make a vid of me playing it and post it on youtube. anyway the song is called World Go Round

    World Go Round.

    Lyrics: Today's gonna be the day.

    We're throwin all our troubles away.

    Gonna see what we can find,

    underneath the bright blue sky.

    So we'll hang around the trees.

    So we'll walk along this beach.

    Then we'll swim underneath the seas.

    Just as long as your with me,

    nothing can go wrong

    CHORUS: Then we'll fly up to the sky

    Mabey take a ride on a shooting star.

    Then we'll float back down to the clouds.

    Hey look at this rainbow, doesn't it look good to slide down?

    But remember one thing as we're floating round this merry-go-round.

    Loves what make the world go round.

    Your love is such a powerful thing,

    It picks me up and makes me sing.

    And when your not around I could cry,

    but when you walk bye I could die.

    So why throw away the day,

    it's just you and me babe lets go play.

    You know time is on our side.

    Why dont we go take a ride. (Repeat chorus)

    And how we hope this day never ends,

    lets go back round for another spin.

    And how we wish we will soar,

    Higher than anyone before.

    And thank you baby for a glorious day,

    And, oh, I wish that I could stay

    But I gotta get away.

    And hey it will be ok,

    for we'll do the whole thing over again,

    On tomorrow's day.

    Loves What makes the world go round.

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  • Is this a sign a girl likes me or hates me?

    well there is this girl that i am just friends with. we txt and talk to one another on facebook alot. but lately i have noticed that she hasnt been returning my txts and hasnt been talking to me on facebook, i also catch her staring at me from across the room at school alot too. we still talk at school and stuff tho. ive done nothing to creep her out so i dont see why she stares at me, wont return my txts, and dosent talk to me on facebook anymore, but what do u guys think?

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  • What are some good hippie love songs?

    ok the ones i realy like are crash into me by dave matthews and lover lay down by him as well (if u havent heard those check them out u will love them), i also love all of coldplays love songs so does anyone have any other good love songs that have that hippie feel to it?

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  • GIRL QUESTION!!! Do girls like hippie guys?

    ok i am a guy and im a hippie, not a dirty pot smoking hippie tho im a hippie that like beaches and surfing and stuff like that. i believe in world peace and believe a woman is a beautiful and special being created above all gods creation and that no star matches the light a woman shines. i also believe that people should love one another even if they disagree. i wear stuff like hemp necklaces and listen to dave matthews, jack johnson, bob marley and stuff like that. so what do u girls think, do u like hippies like me and why do u believe i cant find that special someone to share all this stuff with?

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