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  • Transferring plumerias from pot to ground in over 110°F and high humidity?

    Scorching humid summers over here in Bahrain from June up until the end of December. 

    I want to plant my mid-sized plumeria trees into the ground but I fear they might die because shading the plants isn't possible. Some have told me I could plant it but without adding any soil mix or fertilizers, just horticultural sand.

    Any thoughts on this...

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape2 months ago
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    How was this art piece made?

    On my trip to Cappadocia, I got these little souvenirs. They seem to be made from gypsum/plaster because they flake off like it. How can I create something similar? Is it by producing a mould? Any videos that could help me?

    Sculpture9 months ago
  • 6 inch wall-mounted chimney with a 4-inch duct, should I install it?

    Technical help please. I have 4-inch ductwork that is about 5 metres long with one 90 degree bend in the ceiling and venting outside. All rangehood chimneys here have a 6-inch duct. Two possible ideas were that I ought to purchase a recirculating rangehood and ignore the ductwork, and the other was to install a chimney hood with an exhaust fan at the end of the ductwork. Please I need your suggestions and ideas. What would be the best route possible? Should I order online a 4 inch rangehood?


    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
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    What size AC do I need? How many BTUs will be enough?

    Temperature: I live in Bahrain and temperatures are usually around 40°C or higher, can reach upto 45°C, hardly any winter.

    Room: Size: 5m×4m×2.93m(ceiling height), second floor, good thermal insulation (newly-built house), fully enclosed room with a very small walk-in closet.

    Appliances: 4 led ceiling lights, a fan, and two lamps.

    Windows: 2.2 m long, 3.1 m wide, facing Eastwards, double-glazed windows, with thermal curtains(soon hopefully).

    Persons living: 2

    Thank you very much for the help❤ if more info is needed please ask.

    6 AnswersEngineering1 year ago
  • Investing in ETFs, non-US resident, tax question.?

    I'd like to start investing in ETFs but I live in the Middle East, am I liable to pay taxes on the returns by simply holding the ETF, regardless of the country I live in?

    Or is it country-specific?

    Thank you very much!

    1 AnswerInvesting2 years ago
  • Purchasing a new villa and the AC is directly over the distribution board of the house, and cannot be relocated as per the engineer.?

    The AC's haven't been installed yet and they can't be relocated as per the engineer since the pipes are installed already. As per the engineer, the DB will be covered with a wooden cover and a metal cover.

    What risks might I face with this?

    7 AnswersEngineering3 years ago
  • What does the FDA do with the billions it gets from case settlements?

    Case settlements as the ones with Pfizer wherein the FDA earned billions and billions of dollars. Into where does the FDA pump this money?

    3 AnswersGovernment6 years ago
  • Can the word pronunciation be plural?

    I just submitted a research project entitled "letters with confusing pronunciations" upon which my professor said it should have been pronunciation with the s obliterated. I argued that I was in fact referring to the different ways a single letter could be pronounced. However, he insisted on his point and I did not know his justification for that. Could any tell me if my grammar is in error or the teacher's?

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago