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I'm a world-ranked trick shot artist in the San Francisco, CA area. My website has videos of some great shots along with tutorials and instructions so *you* can learn how to shoot them too! I also have an interactive chat set up on my site if you have questions, or you can always email me.

  • Is 10 Ball catching on at local levels?

    With the World 10 Ball Championships going on, I figured I'd ask how many people out there play the game. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a rotation game with 10 balls (duh), similar to 9 ball. Some of the key rule differences I could find are: 1. It's call ball and pocket and 2. If player A pockets the legal ball on a called safety, player B has the option of taking the shot or passing it back.

    I've never played it myself. I think it was introduced because the soft break in 9 ball was making it too predictable. I like the rule changes though. I think it's growing among the pro tournaments, but I haven't seen any trickle down, maybe because the lack of media coverage and 9 ball is hard enough for the above average banger.

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  • Paranoid about chalk?

    Who carries there own chalk with them wherever they go to play? The primary place I play isn't a pool room, so I have to take all my own stuff there. But I still have my chalk in my case when I do go to a pool hall. Sometimes, the chalk at a hall has a hole bored through the center of it, but that's about the only time I'd pull mine out. Has anyone gotten taken by a hustler who manipulated the chalk?

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  • Difference between UK 8 Ball and Black Ball?

    The WPA has rules for Black Ball, but there is also a World Eight-Ball Pool Federation for Eight Ball. Are there differences between these two games or are they the same thing? If there are differences, what are they?

    Also, if they are different, and I walked in to a pub/club in the UK, how would I be able to tell what game they like to play there?

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  • Diet to help recover from a torn tendon and surgical wound?

    Are there any nutrients I should be sure to eat to aid healing a torn tendon and surgical wound?

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