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Traditional Japanese Martial Artist (+4 years) 2nd Dan, Iaido; Mugai Ryu; Meishi ha 2nd Dan, Karate; Motobu ha Shito Ryu 1st Dan, Jujutsu; Toraken/Hakko Ryu Unranked in Kobudo, Motobu Udundi, etc. I believe in traditional training as a methodology for healthy living. I am not opposed to these so-called "modern" arts, but I am completely against the unadulterated railing of traditional arts because "Bruce Lee said so." Tradition persists whereas sports shine and fade. Muay Thai may be excellent striking, but not if you gain a resulting concussion. BJJ may be beautiful, but rolling on the ground in a real life altercation is dangerous. Tradition is not in training for the next big fight, it is in training for "the fight." Life lessons can not be nurtured by following a set of rules, only by internalizing life's rules. Those who do not understand this philosophy will only be practicing martial arts, those that do will be living martial arts.

  • What would you do if your teacher disowned you?

    If, after serving your mentor and teacher as a dedicated student and even an employee, a dialogue over continued financial distress over personal life and business leaves you both unemployed and without a teacher, what would you do?

    What if you felt yourself sufficiently unprepared or of too low a rank to open your own school?

    If reconciliation became impossible?

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  • Traditional Martial Arts Schools; how to advertise?

    Just a question for the experienced school owners and instructors; my teacher is away and has left me in charge of the school while his job keeps him out of state.

    He has always followed the idea that word of mouth is the best method of advertising, however it's left us in a jam with no adult students and a declining adolescent population.

    So...any low-cost methods of advertising that you can recommend that have proven effective time and time again?

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  • Explain cutting weight, please?

    As a karateka, I've never competed in a weight class based arena, will someone please explain cutting weight, the limits of, and the methods behind doing so?

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  • Frank the Tank on video?

    Hey, specifically for Frank, I received my Chaz Daily Lock and Flow Drill videos of the day last week or so.

    One of them mentioned Frank the Tank demonstrating a technique. By any chance, was that you?

    Just curious.

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  • Frequently Sprained Ankle?

    All right...I sprained my ankle badly in the September of 2010 during a week of Motobu Udundi taisabaki (on the ball of your big toe, knees straight ALWAYS), again during my Karate Pre-Shodan test last March while performing a Jumping Spinning Side Kick, that time it was VERY badly strained. Same ankle.

    Now tonight I did it again while demonstrating a Japanese Jujutsu technique. Not as bad as the first time I sprained it.

    So that's one sprained ankle every year for the past three years.

    What are some exercises I can incorporate into my training to strengthen my ankle after I'm all healed up?

    I'd pay the co-pay to go see my doctors, however the last times I went they x-rayed my ankle, gave me paperwork and sent me on my way, didn't explain anything I can do to rehab my ankle or help prevent injuring it again.

    Many thanks.

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