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    68 Johnson 9.5hp, What is water bypass plate for?

    I'm wondering what the water bypass plate is for. I only know that's its name because I found it on a parts diagram. Now "water bypass" suggests that this is where I can place a motor flusher for running on land but I tried that and had to quickly shut it down because there was no water coming from the pisser. So if thats the case then what is it for?? 

    When I tried the flusher, I didn't have the plate off, should I have removed it for it to work? The plate has holes in it so I didn't think it was necessary. But after opening it up, I can see there is a hole on the right that leads to the water intake. And there appears to be a hole at the top left that I assume leads to the water pump. 

    So if this is not intended for motor flusher use then what is it for? And if it is for motor flusher use, then how do I make it work?

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