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  • Are you going to miss YA?  I shall miss the questions & answers by everyone except Zirp?

    Every other word out of Zirp's mouth has been "Esperanto".  We get it Zirp, you love Esperanto, BUT NO ONE ELSE DOES!

    I've never even seen a question about Esperanto on here.  Yet you've pushed it in almost every answer–but no one cares!

    And half the time when you answered something about English, it was wrong.  Bye cheesehead! (whatever that's supposed to makes no sense in English but you seemed to think it does) 

    3 Answers3 days ago
  • What does 'sincerely hope' mean here? ?

    "We clearly differ in our political views, but I am a reasonable adult and I can accept that different people hold different views. I wish you luck in your studies in your pursuit of a political career. I sincerely hope you are successful in whatever you do." 

    Is this a nice thing to say? 

    2 Answers3 days ago
  • Everything seems to fit, but they say that I invert like a German?

    So even though everything seems to be in place, the reality is complex and it may even be reality, but it has a severe hallucination.

    3 days ago
  • I don’t speak English very well, now to prove it I’m gonna write a stupid sentence that has no meaning and that has a lot of grammar errors.?

    Oh! I already did that! You see that?

    I hate myself, really. I want to go in the USA but I don’t know if I can do it, how can I communicate with other if I’m stupid and I don’t speak the language? Now you all are probably laugh at me for my bad English, I know ok?? :(

    3 days ago
  • ???????????

    Complete the following sentences by using gerunds or infinitives.

    1.Please stop ________________ (crack) your knuckles!

    2.I enjoy ________________ (be) a teacher.

    Is it difficult _________________ (learn) a second language?

    3.I don’t go to school _____________ (have) fun.

    Will you mind ________________ (lend) me your pen?

    4.We discussed ___________________ (visit) Florida for our vacation.

    5.It has stopped _________________ (rain).

    6.He stopped ________________ (drink) coffee.

    7.She needs ________________ (do) her homework tonight.

    8.They went to the bank ________________ (deposit) the money.

    4 Answers3 days ago
  • Native English speakers, could you please help me with these issues?

    Does this sentence make sense:

    "The last time the mole left its burrow for its usual forage for his sustenance, it was chased by our dog who narrowly got it." 

    2 Answers3 days ago
  • Thai translation help?

    Hello, I need to translate the following lines for a school project and I thought asking real people would be better than google translate. Please transliterate them into romanized lettering, I am not a Thai speaker, and if there are any special pronunciations, please inform me. The parenthesis are context for the lines, which are in quotations. Thank you in advance!

    (A grandfather greeting his grandson) "How is school, my boy?"

    (A stereotypical superhero shooting a dragon with a laser beam from his hands on TV) "Take this!"

    (The grandfather, seeing that his grandson is bored with the Thai TV program because he can't understand it) "You don't look too interested in this. Should I change the channel?"

    3 days ago
  • Which is correct?

    We can't remember the name of the town he moved to. It was Burger or Barbecue or (something / some place) like that.


    3 Answers3 days ago
  • Can you help me with English please?

    We believe you will fulfill the query while noting what is done and what is not.

    1. What does "query" mean in this case?

    2. I can't understand this expression exactly. Please explain this to me clearly.

    Thank you.

    4 Answers3 days ago
  • Please Help. Spanish assistance?

    Use preterite or imperfect

    1.) Yo _________(miro)

    el reloj y ______(veo)

     que __________(son)

     casi las ocho.

    2.) (Llamo)

     a mi amigo, Enrique, (que siempre __________ (viene)

     a buscarme en su carro.)

    3.) Yo casi nunca me __________(enfermo)

    ; me __________ (cuido)


    4.) Siempre _________(como)

     bien ______, (hago)

     ejercicio todos los días y __________(duermo)

     lo suficiente.

    5.) Yo__________(tomo)

     dos aspirinas y me __________ (acuesto)

     otra vez.

    6.)  Le__________(digo)

     que no __________ (voy)

     a ir a la universidad.

    7.) No __________(quiero)

     faltar a clases, pero __________ (decido)

     quedarme en cama.

    8.) Me __________(duelen)

     la cabeza y la garganta; me __________ (duele)

     todo el cuerpo.

    9.) En fin __________(llevo)

     una vida sana. Pero ese día al despertarme (upon waking up) me __________ (siento)


    I'm lost can someone please help out. This is due in like 1 hr.

    3 Answers4 days ago