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  • Pain after root canal while chewing? ?

    I had my first root canal 2 weeks ago. Dentist said you can chew with with it after 2 days and I started to chew with that tooth after 5 days and I'm still having pain while chewing. Usually I don't feel any pain only when I'm chewing with this. What's the cause of it. I'm going to dentist tomorrow. But does it happen to any of you guys? 

    3 days ago
  • What is wrong with my tooth?

    I was at the dentist about 2 weeks ago. They didn’t tell me I had a cavity or anything. It was my first time with this dentist though and his hands were shaky and he kept cutting my gums. A few days ago I noticed it would hurt when I ate since my gums felt sore around one tooth. I didn’t even bother looking at it until today since I wanted to see why it was hurting and my tooth was all brown around at the bottom and my gums felt sore. It is very concerning looking and the gum looks like it is sorta higher up than it normally is. 

    3 days ago
  • Pain after root canal while chewing? ?

    I had my first root canal 2 weeks ago and I'm still having pain but the pain only feels while chewing with that teeth. But usually no pain only while chewing. Why it's happening. I'm 20 and this was my first ever root canal.

    4 days ago
  • Can a tooth abscess cause severe anxiety disorder?  ?

    I noticed since my tooth started getting really bad I’ve been having very bad chronic anxiety attacks, especially when riding in a car. 

    4 days ago
  • Should I go to the dentist?

    I have one tooth that hurts when I push my tongue against it. It really only bothers me when I'm eating. I've had this problem before but I just had to brush more often and then it was fine.

    2 Answers6 days ago
  • Home made tooth filling substance?

     A very large back tooth filling  just fell out and my dentist cant see me until more than a week. Any home made substances I can put in there to stop the tooth self destructing..... as there's only some very thin walls of the tooth left... fortunately the nerve was removed so at least it doesn't hurt.

    4 Answers6 days ago
  • Is it easy to pull out a healthy tooth?

    Can you accidentally pull out a tooth with dental floss that gets stuck?

    2 Answers1 week ago
  • The roof of my mouth is white. No idea from what?

    Noticed it days ago. Got scared and went to the ER and they tested me for strep throat throat and came negative. I get dry mouth and lips symptoms here and there. A bit worried and I don’t have an appointment till Friday both dentist and regular doctor. 

    1 week ago
  • Mouth guard for braces ?

    What type of mouth guard is good for someone with braces. Should they be worn for all sports 

    1 week ago
  • Dental wax ?

    What is the best dental wax for braces 

    1 week ago
  • Pain relief for teen with braces ?

    What is the best pain relief for a teen who is getting braces 

    1 Answer1 week ago
  • Does this look like a tooth filling ?

    I was eating chicken and I felt something hard. I’m not sure if it’s a bone or my tooth filling that came out.

    2 Answers1 week ago
  • How do you come to have no teeth at all by age 50?

    Okay, okay how does one come to have no teeth, just bare gums by age 50?  The possibilities I've thought of are these:

    (1) A guy that never, ever brushes his teeth his whole life.

    (2) Maybe the guy has a congenital gum disease like the male pattern baldness of teeth.

    (3) or he gets some kind of drastic infection at some point in his life...

      Most of the guys I've seen who have no teeth or maybe just three, are homeless, or are in and out of prison.  Either way, I've guessed that fistfights took care of the ones in the front, and taffy and sodapop took care of the ones in the back.  I can see that hard drinkers would habitually pass out every night before they could brush their teeth... I've kind of wondered what the deal is with Popeye.

    2 Answers1 week ago
  • Am I wrong to be upset ?

    One of my teeth was decayed & was broken off while the others were impacted wisdom teeth, my dentist said my teeth were bad and it hurt my feelings 

    1 week ago