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    Is the concept of race purely cultural?

    I have read numerous articles that break down human race into three categories:

    Caucasoid, ******* and Mongoloid

    They typically use these terms as a broad, catch all to identify any groups of people who reside in various regions of the world. 

    However, looking at the dynamic differences of various ethnic groups, it seems as if this is a bit short sided. 

    For example, many authors of these articles categorized Native Americans as “Mongoloids”, along with Polynesians and other islanders, in addition to many Asian ethnic groups. 

    If you look at an indigenous Japanese man, and compare him to a Samoan man, there are profound differences in facial structure, complexion of skin, and overall bone structure and anatomy. 

    Also, what is the concept of a “black man/woman” and a “white man/woman”? 

    Is it simply the color of one’s skin? If so, there are many south Asian born men and women in India who have darker skin than some who are considered “black men/women”, so surely, being a “black person” must stem to something greater than just the color of one’s skin. Similarly, there are many Chinese men and women with skin much whiter than a “white person”.

    With all of the aforementioned in mind, what actually constitutes “race” and many of these aforementioned terms?

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    Why do people say I'm not Spanish being from Spain? They're like but you're White?

    I'm always like yeah, Spanish people are from Europe and usually I get an odd look. This only happens in the U.S

    12 Answers1 day ago
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    What is your heritage?

    Im italian,rican,black american and german and cherokee indian but if you seen me youd just think i was greek or arab or full italian due to my dark hair,my skin is beige in summer but pale in winter.what are you?

    9 Answers2 days ago
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    Which race of women do the majority of races of men around the world prefer?

    Favourite answer:

    Asian men like white women 

    Latino men like white women 

    Middle East men like white women 

    African men like white women 

    Only the fat azz American men like Asian women for their own reasons

    Here in Europe Asian women are not popular 

    9 Answers1 day ago
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    Would you agree that police brutality against black men is inflated?

    I’m just opening a discussion here. I believe that police brutality against black men is inflated by media. 

    How many cases of “police officer kills/shots white woman/man” do you see on tv or social media?? However, as soon as there is the most minimalist act against a man/woman of color by a police officer the media is writing essays about it, and I think that’s how this entire black lives matter movement even started, it shifted the spot light to EVERY case of police “brutality” to cases of man/woman of color, however statistics show that these numbers are inflated by the amount of attention media has purposely thrown at those cases.  Now let me ask you this, if those police officers that killed Floyd, had done the same thing BUT to a white man, would it have been as big a scandal on social media as it was for Floyd? What are your thoughts on this? NO ONE IS SAYING RACISM IS ABOLISHEDBefore Im attacked and being called a racist. 

    9 Answers4 days ago
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    Is there a reason fast food restaurants turn out to be dictator abusive bullies and racist?

    I dealt with so many abusive managers where everyone else is Hispanic and I am African American and the workers and managers always gang up on me. I don't understand why they would let me struggle to do all the orders by myself and have customers scream at me and threatened me because I can't get the food out fast enough. People always defend their race over me. If someone does something wrong, they tattletell like a whittle baby they are and the stupid managers get mad me. The play favoritism, they are so sweet and kind to their race but mistreat me as an African American girl. This is the 5th time I literally felt like suicide because of these stupid fast food restaurants.

    4 Answers4 days ago
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    Why do millennial white girls hate other white people so much?

    It's like they think they can escape their whiteness by mocking other white people. They act like all white people are racist EXCEPT for them because they are so progressive. Does anyone else find this bizarre?

    8 Answers5 days ago
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    Do white Americans worry about becoming a minority in their own country? ?

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    Yes, to answer your question, white people, or more specifically Anglo-Protestants, are worried about becoming the minority or more of a minority. Yes, it was Anglo-Protestants who developed the structure of this country and yes the country will change as a result of conflict between the different cultures of the USA. We could go the same route as Yugoslavia, but we might break apart into separate countries, as styled by Malcom X, before this happens. 

    23 Answers1 week ago
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    A question for my fellow White Americans....?

    Seems I only meet the extremes of either White race supremecists or those willing to throw away their culture because of “White privilege” or “White guilt”.....I want to know, how many of you will stand with me and be in the use the Golden Rule in treating every race the same (in other words if no one is hurting you, don’t hurt them), but on the other hand refuse to renounce your cultural heritage, your nation or your culture?

    4 Answers21 hours ago
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    what is reason behind this anti-asians sentiment in US these days?

    I'm not pointing finger at anyone. i'm just so baffled and confused by all these anti-asian sentiment and trying to understand logic. What bad things did asians living in US do to others? We have nothing to do with covid other than just sharing same skin color as people in wuhan. And it's not like peoples in wuhan intentionally spreaded virus. They are victims of covid themselves. I don't even blame people in wuhan for this covid. 

    Most of asians are positively contributing to US society. They just work hard, study hard, and contribute lots of good things to the society. Their crime rate is very little.So, what is this reason behind so much hatred toward asians? How did it go from some virus originated from china and started pandemic to hating and beating up asians living in US? Can someone please explain to me? What is logic behind this? Or is it because peoples are frustrated and mad from bad outcomes resulted by covid and they just need to find someone to take their anger out on and since asians are relatively weaker in physique and have meeky personality and less likely fight back and asians share similar appearance as chineses in wuhan, they consider us as good relatively harmless target to take their anger out on?

    4 Answers21 hours ago
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    am i racist?

    i don't really like italian people

    4 Answers1 day ago
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    Why do a lot of people still marry with in their own race?!?

    Why do they think "Birds of the same feather.." why not "Same = Boring"??! Are a lot of people subconsciously racist or something??! I know that it CAN'T be because of they're more comfortable with their own kind/culture, because well guess what?! We live in an AMERICAN culture!! 

    I would have just liked to see more race mixing that's all and I heard there are scientific benefits to the children when that does occur! 

    So any thoughts?! 

    7 Answers4 days ago
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    Why do North Africans look like Middle Eastern people?

    Favourite answer:

    The ancestors of today's North Africans were a group of populations from Eurasia that settled in the region around thirteen thousand years ago.

    As well as this local component, North African populations were also observed to share genetic markers with all the neighbouring regions (Europe, Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa), as a result of more recent migrations, although these appear in different proportions. Northern Africans are closely related to Europeans and West Asians as well as to Southwest Asians. Northern Africans can clearly be distinguished from West Africans and other African populations dwelling south of the Sahara.

    4 Answers6 days ago
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    Am I 100 percent American ?

    Favourite answer:

    I think that any person born in the USA is "100%" American. 

    4 Answers2 days ago
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    Crush? Help!?

    Favourite answer:

    Here's a suggestion. Call them together over coffee and say that you would like to renounce the homosexual lifestyle and start attending church. 

    4 Answers3 days ago
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    Why do some Mexicans look Asian?

    Favourite answer:

    Because they have similar ancestry. "Mexicans" are technically "Native Americans" from the south. And Native Americans were originating from Asia.

    6 Answers5 days ago