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    My son just told me he was raped by a priest at my church. What should I do? ?

    I am shaking with rage. I might choke this bastard out with my bare hands. 

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    My boyfriend doesn’t want me visiting my family?

    First I want to start off by saying I’m homesick and I miss my mom and siblings more than a lot. Right now I’m currently pregnant and my boyfriend keeps saying it’s not a good idea to visit my family. He keeps coming up with excuses saying my mom will stress me out which can affect our baby but I know my mom more than him. We both live together and his family is involved in our lives BUT every time I try to involve my mom or younger siblings he becomes upset as if I ruined the mood. My family lives in the next state which really isn’t far from me. I just don’t know what to do at this moment. I don’t want to upset him for visiting my family but I also I want to see them so bad. Advice please?

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    Do you think its sexist of parents to treat their son better than their daughter just because he temporary moved out?

    They have three children. The youngest is excused because he is 13. Their daughter is 24. Never moved out and never went to school after high school. Her parents yell at her a lot that she needs to get a job. She does not get an allowance. Her older brother is 26. Had to move back home because he lost his job last year. They never yell at him, and they are even willing to give him spending money until het gets a new job. They claim this is because he actually acts like an adult, but do this sound sexist to you

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    How can I convince my step mom and dad to let me get the COVID shot?

    I am 30 and still live with my dad and step mom. For a while I decided I am not going to get the COVID shot because I have seen in the news a lot of people dying from the shot, it won’t help and I am Christian so Jesus will keep me safe. Also my parents and step sister won’t get the shot because of those reasons. My mom got the shot. Now I am thinking that I should get the shot. I told and asked my step mom and dad about getting the shot and they say no. I have to convince them to let me get it. If I just go get the shot by myself they can easily find out that I got the shot.

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    Is my boyfriend related to me?

    My sister is married to my boyfriends uncle and have two kids together. My boyfriends dad and my sisters husband are brothers. We all consider each other family by marriage. Is it weird that I’m dating my sisters brother in law son? I know we aren’t blood related but will this affect us if we have kids ? 

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    How can I cope with my nana's passing.?

    My nana passed away sometime last night at the age of 73. Just 10 days ago she was still texting us every night, sounded like her normal self on phone calls. Let me tell you and I can't even explain in words, she is the nicest, most caring, loving, selfless, person I have ever seen and I will ever see in my entire life. I'm 16 years old and she has been by my side treating me like gold for every single bit of those 16 years. She is the nicest nana you could ever imagine. She did not want to be a burden on us ever and has not been a burden at all to ANYONE in my family. No chemo was done and we now think she did not want to do it since she couldn't on her own and did not want to be a burden. My mom and I have been over there helping her a lot taking care of her, spending the night. She says "honey you don't have to help nana, you don't have to do this" because she is so considerate and doesn't want to cause any discomfort. Again I can't even explain in words how much she has impacted my whole life. Again I'm 16, my little sister is 12 and my brother is 7. Recently I have been spending a lot more time with her and it was not because I knew this was going to happen. It was so sudden, but luckily my mom and I were still there for her final night. Even though this was the first time in a week we didn't stay overnight. I have cried my eyes out today and I'm falling apart because everything reminds me of her. Is there anything at all I can do to help the pain. She loved us so much.

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    They say that you must get out of a toxic envt if people there are pulling you down. What if the next one is as toxic as the one before?

    The new one you settled with is as toxic as the one you've been with before. May it be a new lover being as toxic as your former lover or your new workplace is as toxic as your former workplace.

    What can someone do in order to get rid of that cycle despite seeking and dealing with different kinds of people?

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    Baby's Ashes?

    So I had a baby that died. Asked my mother in law to pick up her ashes because I was in the hospital still. She picked them up but also put the ashes in an urn without first consulting with me. How should I feel about this? I'm truly offended and don't think it was her place. 

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    Can Social services take my children away ?

    I live with my 3 children 11, 9 and 1 years old. My Grandma who is 89 also lives with us. I have had problems with my mental health and have had some episodes of psychosis, which is being managed with medication and mental health services. 

    My grandmas health is deteriorating and she now uses a frame to help with walking and a commode to stop her having toilet accidents. I live in a 2 bedroom flat. My grandma, 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter state a room and I share with the baby. My older two children didn’t want to share the room with grandma anymore due to lack of space and the smell from the commode and I also felt that grandma needed her dignity and privacy, so my older two are now sharing the sofa. 

    There have been a few incidents of grandmas memory deteriorating slightly, sometimes she is ok and other times a bit vacant. She has had some outbursts where she has said hurtful things to me and I cried. There was also an incident where I was in the shower and both grandma and the children were watching over the baby and grandma hit my eldest son. I did not see it but when my daughter told me what happened the following day. I spoke to grandma to explain this was not how I wanted to discipline my children and that I didn’t appreciate her doing that. It has not happened since. 

    Today my mental health services contacted me to explain that concerns were raised by a family member and also the children’s school and they mentioned social services involvement. 

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    Family members/in-laws won't listen? Please help me! ?


    I had issues with sister in-law & her kids. 

    The rest of my brother in-laws and another sister in-law, I didn't have much of a problem with. I wanted to confide in them, because of the deep depression their sister and their niece's did to me and think that it is ok to treat people like that. 

    But when I tried to confide in my other  Sister in-law, she said she didn't want to get involved. 

    I tried to confide in in my brother in-law, but again I was shut down & told "I dont want to get involved, it's not my business". 

    ALL I wanted was a listening ear or some family support or "Are you OK?" and I did not get nothing. I didn't ask them to get involved, just to listen to me vent. 

    My husband is disappointed/gutted, because he thought that the one only brother who he expected to be more supportive, wasn't.

    I got on well with my Father in-law and rang him when I felt down alot, he always listened but sadly he died from an illness.

    So I feel alone when it comes to not having anybody to turn to. My Husband is always there, but he does alot for me & understands me. But he is upset that his own family don't support us emotionally, even when I mentioned feeling suicidal in the past. 

    We want to cut them out of our life. His sister disrespected him too in a text and called me a "stupid bi**h" just because I retaliated to her child who is older than me & is 30, who sent me a message first that I am a "stupid dumbf**k!". 

    5 stars for best answer! What's is your advice? 

    8 Answers3 days ago
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    If my son ever asks why I was never there for him, I was going to show him my Level 7 Y!A account. What do I do now?

    I quit my job, I drove my wife away, I neglected my son, and I lost at least 7 homes in the past 15 years. All of these sacrifices I made in order to be a Level 7 Yahoo! Answers user. I never made it beyond Level 2, but if I had been given more time, I know I would  have gotten to the top. With Y!A shutting down, it feels like I've wasted my entire life for nothing. I have no legacy to leave to my grandkids. I have nothing to show for all these years of absence. I have no justification for walking away from a lucrative career or from a loving wife and kid. How do I face my family at this point, whom have long since forgotten me? I always imagined that I would return to them, and that I would quell their justified anger with my incredible and immaculate Yahoo! Answers statistics. I thought I could leave a legacy for generations to aspire towards. I'm just a big fat nothing at this point

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    My sister is adopted and she is a bully, can I discount her as my sister forever because she’s adopted and a bully?

    Favourite answer:

    Absolutely, she is not your sister then. Adopted or not, if they are a bully then disown them. You can disown a biological sibling just the same as an adopted one. 

    5 Answers1 day ago
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    I don’t know what to do?

    Hi! I’m 19 years old and I have a boyfriend. Yes, that’s how I plan to start this off. I have a boyfriend whom my parents hate for multiple reasons, some good reasons and some not so good reasons. The word hate is actually not a great way to explain it. My mom actually messages me once a week expressing how much she’s hates himZ my dad on the other hand doesn’t care because “it’s your life, I can’t tell you , an adult, what to do.” I’m currently in college and I have to sneak around to see him. I’m getting tired of it and I don’t want to spend my entire summer sneaking around to hang out with him. I also want to go on trips out of state with him, but I’m scared my mom will disown me and stop paying for my college. She has done this before, and I don’t really want to go through her emotional abuse... which is why I sneak around to hang out with him. 

    As young adults I do understand that there are rough patches in relationships. Sadly, I only told my mom the rough patches and never the good things because she always told me that he never loved me, so I would agree with her and cry to her about anything wrong he’s done to me. So yes she hates him and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I enjoy my time with him, and I want to have a easy and fun summer... possibly even few years without lying to my mom about me not being with him. 

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    Why won't she let us buy the house?

    My brother in law is planning to buy my husbands parents house. I know my husband has always secretly wanted it. His brother still lives at home in his 30s and says that's why hes not moving out because this is gonna be his house. His mom told us today it wouldn't be for years from now or until she decides to seel or if she passes away both him and my husband would each own half therefore he would have to buy us out. Idk should I ask her if she would sell to us or just get our own house? It just makes us mad that we are financially on our own and her spoiled living with mommy son gets that house one day. Doesn't have to work for it just falls in his lap.

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    Is living in an apartment with a baby normal?

    My husband and I want to have a child. Our credit scores aren’t the best for a loan right now for a house. However we are working hard and saving up for a house next year. Is it embarrassing to be married with a baby in an apartment? Most everyone I know is buying houses.

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