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    Dog name to match my cats name, Boaty?

    Hi all. I have a cat named Boaty. His name was the one the shelter gave him, and I thought it was too cute to change. I'm in the process of getting a husky puppy, and I wanted his name to match in a way with Boaty's! I was thinking Sailor, but that's my cousin's dog's name. Do you guys have any cute names like that?

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    what’s wrong with my cats skin ?

    it’s located where her tail meets her lower back , she can’t reach there to lick so i don’t think it’s just irritation from too much licking . we have to use a wet wipe to wash her lower back . i shaved the area for now and am washing it out with water regularly to prevent infection . but does anyone know what this could be ? miliary dermatitis ?

    14 AnswersCats4 days ago
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    Why do dogs walk into incoming trains?

    I seen many videos of dogs walking into trains and getting ran over by the massive train.

    9 AnswersDogs2 days ago
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    Dog names? Help!?


    What should I name my cocker spaniel puppy. He's a boy. I want something cool/bada$$ and musclin that's goes with him as he grows older.

    Thank you. 

    10 AnswersDogs3 days ago
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    Why is my dog straining,shaking,vomiting,And not eating.How can I help him feel better?

    I’m so confused about what’s really wrong with my dog.He’s 7 years old turns 8 next month.He’s a pitbull he may be a mix people are always telling me that.I took him to a vet a month ago the veterinarian told me that he has a pernial hernia and that he needs surgery & has to be neutered.They told me surgery would be $2300 I agreed to this however on Tuesday he was vomiting  repeatedly after I gave Him a can of pedigree food twice because he didn’t want to eat his dried food.They told me in the emergency animal hospital that I took him to that he doesn’t have a hernia that he has an enlarged prostate with a lot of fluid inside.Ascites

    Sepsis ,Prostatitis Pus all around the prostate and in the prostate.That’s what they told me has.They told me he needs surgery or he’s going to die.I left him over night at the hospital and picked him up the next day before the 24 hours were up.I had to pay $3500.They told me that he needs surgery that’s going to cost $10,000-$13,000or he’s going to die.They also said that it’s a 50/50 chance that he’ll survive during the surgery or after.I don’t know what to do.He only ate rice and chicken this morning and he’s not acting his usual self.So what should I do to help my dog.I don’t want to lose him.He’s vomited yellow today ad clear .He’s doing a lot of pee but he keeps straining to poop. and he’s breathing heavily right now.He don’t come to the door anymore when I get home.I made an apportionment with another veterinarian for a third opinion.

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    How can I like my new dog more?

    My brother recently got a new Golden Retriever puppy, it is currently 9 weeks old. We have never had a dog before so it's all a bit confusing and difficult to process. He gets very hyper all of a sudden and sometimes he grabs our clothes with his teeth.

    We have trained him to "sit" so far but we're struggling to get him to understand the word "no." For example if he does something bad, it takes a few "nos" to get him to stop.

    I also hate the smell of him, I have never liked the smell of dogs and it stops me from wanting to play with him. I feel really guilty though because he's only a baby and he just wants to play. My parents are trying to get him into a routine but it's a slow process. Can anyone give me any tips?

    I really love the puppy, but it's just strange and I don't know how to feel most of the time.

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    3 week old puppy doesn’t want to walk anymore?

    My puppies will turn 4 weeks on Friday. One of them eats until they’re stomach is so full it’s hard to the touch and always hates pooping. He suddenly stopped wanting to try and walk like he has no more strength in his legs. He’s also breathing faster than the other puppies. Idk if it’s because he’s full or if it’s something more serious. One of my puppies already died on me and started off the same as this other puppy. Someone help please! And thank youuuuu! 

    18 AnswersDogs5 days ago
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    Is it racist to say that certain dog breeds have certain tendencies?

    Behavior is socially constructed and dogs that like to chase squirrels are only doing so because of a deep-seated hatred for them. It has nothing to do with genetics.

    6 AnswersDogs1 day ago
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    why have golden retriever lifespans decreased?

    I read that decades ago they lived to be 16-17 years old on average.  These days they only live 10 years on average.  Why?  Is it because of lack of exercise, or are the digs just sicker due to inbreeding?

    5 AnswersDogs21 hours ago
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    Mom says dogs won't listen...?

    My mom owns two huskies and also loves to plant tomato and squash in her garden. Problem is the dogs tend to eat and wreck the fruits when they get big enough. My mom says she repeatedly yells at them to not eat their fruits and to leave her garden alone but they never do.

    Says she once had to spend two hours chasing them away from her garden but once she's out of sight, they run right back there to try and eat the plants. She doesn't want to fence off the garden or put up any barrier nor tie up the dogs but is getting tired of having to protect her plants from dogs that won't listen to her.

    Obviously, I've told her that they're untrained house dogs and can't understand our human speech nor would they care. Any suggestions on how she can freely grow a garden and keep her dogs from wrecking it?

    8 AnswersDogs3 days ago
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    Take care all, 9 days til YA gos read only. Have a good life.?

    Favourite answer:

    IT will be nice not to have to stomach the nasty comments from the dog haters and the Trolls , every time I give my answer to a question about dogs.

    Hopefully the Q&A forum I migrate to will have the site moderated properly to deter these ignorant scum from contaminating the site with their unwanted posts.

    Y/A`S was doomed the day they scrapped the green formula for  the purple one.

    The nail in the coffin was including the anonymous feature and then stopping any comments. 

     Ignorant Trolls and haters had a field day.....I wonder what site they will target next to get their sadistic kicks from. 

    So sad....they really do need to get a life and grow up more.



    5 AnswersDogs1 day ago
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    PHOTO... What kind of rodent is this?

    The animal is dead. I didn’t kill it... was found under a patio slab.

    It looks suspiciously like a rat to me... 

    but I’m not sure.

    Can you help me identify?

    Thanks in advance🙏  

    6 AnswersRodents2 days ago
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    My dog might have a mast cell tumor again. What should I do?

    My dog had a grade 2 mast cell tumor on her head 8 years ago when she was 2 and now she has bump near where her scar is. our vet gave us 2 options either he removes it meaning she will have another scar on her head or we watch and see if grows. He also explained that the bump is too small to do a fine needle aspiration and the only way he could biopsy it was to remove it. Now fast forward 3 weeks later and we think it actually got bigger but we’re debating whether we should schedule another appointment to have it removed or to wait and see if it grows more. Would like to hear opinions on what to do if it was your dog.

    6 AnswersDogs3 days ago
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    What face is my dog naking here?

    My dog rip now used to make this face I’m wondering what this face means is she yawning or excited or thinks something is stinks 

    4 AnswersDogs16 hours ago