Best Laptop?

What is the best laptop to buy for about $800-$1000? I heard the Toshiba Satellite is good, but open to suggestions!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When buying a laptop (notebook) computer, you want to look for a few important details.

    * Warranty

    Laptop computers tend to contain be very proprietary hardware. Items such as the screen, keyboard, power supply, and video card cannot be easily replaced if they fail. Therefore, it's very important to get a long (3 year or longer) warranty with any new laptop purchase. If something should go wrong with the laptop during the warranty period, the manufacturer will most likely repair or replace it (unless damage is caused due to negligence).

    * Buy from Reputable Manufacturers

    A 3 year warranty isn't going to do much good if the company is out of business 6 months after you purchase the laptop. Thus, it's important to purchase a laptop from a known manufacturer who will be in business next year and the year after. Reasonably safe bets include buying from Dell, Gateway, IBM, Toshiba, HP/Compaq, and Sony. That said, I personally avoid Sony and HP/Compaq. In my experience (granted, this is experience from 2+ years ago), Sony support is poor and can take several days, more likely weeks, to repair a system sent back to them. In addition, they have in the past limited their warranty to 90 days if you do not register the notebook with them. HP/Compaq (Compaq in my experience) has declined to support their products - even relatively new products - if you want to upgrade the operating system of the laptop. Theey have, in the past, taken the attitude of "it didn't ship with it, we won't help you with it.

    * RAM

    Today, RAM is crucial to system performance, but many computer makers will actually sell systems with what most technicians would consider too little RAM. For a balance of price and performance, any computer, not just a notebook, should have 512 MB RAM. More if you intend to do video editing or play high-end games. The upgrade from "base" memory is often a $50-$100 upgrade, but usually well worth it.

    And remember, even the worst rated products will work flawlessly for some people and the best rated products will fail on occasion. When buying you want to buy with the best odds of having a good experience.

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    1 decade ago

    Go with the Toshiba

    The old IBM Thinkpads used to be the best, but they are CHEAP now. Dells stink... exploding batteries, and the mechanical design is frail. HPs are a good second choice.

    Toshibas are well made, sturdy with good parts inside. Their Tech support is awesome.

    Laptop computer theft is very high, in fact, the most stolen item in America. A drug user can turn them into CASH quickly. But the Toshiba has that new FINGER PRINT thing. When you teach it how to read your finger(s), then you can set it to let ONLY YOU use it.

  • 6 years ago

    Do you want to buy a laptop. I request to you buy acer laptop. Because I use 2 years no problems show.

  • 5 years ago

    Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    laptops go boom all the time .battery recall

    this pc is good >>>>

    ask for 1024mbr to be put on the system & ask for the windows xp .cd to be sent with the order

    From... $549.99 *

    Featuring AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core technology and optional NVIDIA graphics card for running multiple applications at once

    Windows Vista Capable


    AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processors

    when you have the pc set it up put it on then do this

    HP computers no1 they have the verry best recover system of all

    click on start /all programs

    in the list go to pc help & tool

    then click on

    hp-pc- recovery tools-cd

    noW click on

    creat the recovery tools cd

    use a cd(r) disk creater the pc tools cd

    then click next

    and wait for it to creat a

    system tool recovery cd

    do not stop it at all

    when the system tools

    cd is created your have

    a system recovery tools

    cd- this cd will reinstall

    all the software that came with the pc and

    now coz we have reset the software it will

    restall the software that is on the pc and

    reinstall windows xp home and set it back up

    windows xp will be reinstalled and set back up


    hp-pc-tools cd

    this just reinstall's the software that was on the

    the hard drive at the time you buy the pc it will also

    install windows xp. os .with out asking for the windows xp cd

    creat multiple partitioins

    hp-pc-dvd revovery creater cd

    click on start /all programs

    in the list go to pc help & tool

    then click on

    hp-pc- recovery creater cd

    use a dvd (r)disk .do not stop this till the .hp-recovery .creater cd's have been made.then your have your .hp-recover creater cd's

    what.hp-creater cd's do

    hp-pc-dvd revovery creater cd

    use a dvd(r) disk

    to create the revovery creater cd

    you will have 2 options

    options 1: to just install the windows xp & the software that was on

    the hard drive from day 1 without for mating the hard drive

    options2: will format the hard drive

    and reinstall windows xp with out asking for the windows xp cd

    & install the software that was on the pc from day1

    hp-cd's & windows & product key cd

    your windows product key

    can be fond on the side of the pc or on the top

    or at the back of the pc

    now its best to write that windows product key

    and keep it in a safe place

    and put that windows product key in to a notepad

    and copy the notepad

    to a back up cd put the

    product key cd. in a safe place with windows xp & the hp-pc-recovery cds

    all in a safe place

    now you can make back up copy's of the recovery cd's you have made

    with the creater cd's you use sonci my dvd to make copy's of them cd's

    with hp-pc-recovery cd you can use windows burner or sonic my dvd

    to make a back up copy of that cd

    then make them as the cds for what they are but make as back copy cd's

    then your not get any of them mixed up then put them all in a safe place/with

    windows xp cd so no one can damage them

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