Are tomatoes supposed to be refrigerated?

I saw a little sticker @ the grocery store that said that tomatoes were not supposed to be refrigerated. Is this true?

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    Tomato Care Instructions

    STEP 1: Determine whether tomatoes are fully ripe. A ripe tomato is dark red or orange, is slightly soft, has a uniform skin color and smells like a tomato.

    STEP 2: Put unripe tomatoes in a brown paper bag and leave them at room temperature until they ripen, usually in a day or two.

    STEP 3: Store ripe tomatoes in a cool place - around 55 degrees F. Stored this way, they should keep for five days. Avoid refrigerating tomatoes.

    STEP 4: Store cut tomatoes in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible.

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    I'm an expert on tomatoes - haha - b/c my uncle grows the tastiest tomatoes in the world!! I'm very picky and I love to cook so I can tell you the best way to handle tomatoes. Do not refrigerate them!! The best way to preserve the taste of a good tomato is to keep them in a bowl on your counter. If they need ripening put the tomatoes in a brown paper bag and they will ripen quickly like a banana. At the cost per pound of a vine ripened tomato at the grocery store - take it from me - do not refrigerate them!! By the way the best way to eat a fresh tomato is right off the vine, chopped up with a little salt, pepper and olive oil. Fresh garlic slivers are great too. Here's a recipe for you too: boil one pound of your favorite pasta - I use Barilla's farfalle or bowtie for this recipe. While the water is boiling - mix together: 3 or 4 delicious ripe chopped tomatoes with 3 or 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 3 or 4 fresh sliced garlic cloves or garlic powder if you don't have fresh, chopped fresh basil leaves, 1 teaspoon each of black pepper and salt (kosher or gourmet salt is the best to use). and 1 cup of fresh parmesan cheese. Mix everything with the warm pasta after the pasta is drained of course. Mm - Mm - good!!

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    Yes, the sticker is correct. NEVER put tomatoes in the fridge. The taste is totally altered, and they will not taste as good. Keep them in a bowl, or even the original plastic box, and keep out of direct sunlight or strong light, and they will be perfect to use after rinsing well. Don't keep them too long as they also will change in taste and texture, and not be as pleasant to eat as when fresh. It's a similar story for potatoes, don't put them in the fridge, or the flavour changes to a sweet taste. They should be kept in a cool, dark place, as light will change the skin colour to green, and this is slightly poisonous, but safe consumed in small quantities. The light will also cause them to sprout, and then the flavour changes again, making them only fit for planting in your veggie patch in the garden. Did you know that orange coloured tomatoes are higher in lycopine than red tomatoes, and the lycopine is more easily used by the body? Apparently the lycopine in red tomatoes becomes easier to absorb after cooking? I like the Italian plum tomato as it is less acidic than the round tomato. Who can resist any juicy tomato in a salad? Yum!

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    I used to process over 9 billion tomatoes every summer, so trust me on this. Tomatoes have flavor components that are turned off forever if the tomatoes reach a temperature of 55F. Store at room temperature or slightly less (60F is perfect) with the stem end up (it is the most fragile part of the tomato).

    Course with the wintertime, rock hard, pseudo-tomatoes, it probably doesn't matter.....

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    Tomatoes should be eaten shortly after you buy them. Putting them in the refrigerator may extend their life, however it also helps to dissipate the flavor from them.

    It may not make any difference if they are hydroponically grown tomatoes since those have about as much flavor as the plastic they're wrapped in to begin with.

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    That's correct. Refrigerating tomatoes destroys their flavor.

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    It is true. Refrigerating tomatoes will change/diminsh the flavor of the tomato. It is best to leave them at room temperature. It won't completely ruin them to refigerate them, but they just won't taste as good as they would be if you left them out.

    Source(s): From watching "Good Eats" on the Food Network.
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    yes most tomatoes from the market need to sit at room temperature for a few days to be fully ripened if you put them in the refrigerator they will stay hard and tasteless

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    I heard a guy on a cooking show say, NEVER refrigerate tomatoes.

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    Tomatoes lose some of their flavor when they are refrigerated. However, I like mine cold for some reason....

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