Wonder if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

will pick up the charity work that Don Imus was performing after

ruining his career for their own personal gains. 40 million dollars in the last 10 years for kids. Somehow I think Al and Jesse will keep their money.

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    1 decade ago
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    Of course they will. Jackson and Sharpton are nothing but two publicity-seeking, hypocritical extortionists. The remarks made by Imus were ridiculous in my opinion and he should have had enough sense not to say it on the air, but it IS his constitutional right to say it. The two 'reverends' should lay off, stop making the situation worse and go preach something worth listening to.

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    I guess it's much better to eliminate poor communication skills and a bad attitude from reaching people than it is to provide tangible help to the needy.

    Seriously, if nobody made a big deal out of this, nobody would know it, especially not the basketball team. How many people actually knew who Imus was before all of this? I'm not defending what he said, I thought it was a little shady and not funny. But rather than taking his entire career, both good and bad, and weighing them, he has to get fired because he said something racist. He's a comedian, and comedians consistently make racist comments and get lots of laughs from all races alike. Imus missed the mark on that one. He was intending to call them "tough", and chose some poor wording...

    I heard a commentary from a journalist today on the Today show who said that Sharpton and Jackson are actually doing these girls a disservice by making them out to be victims. They are giving Imus the power to ruin these girls' basketball season and permanently scar their lives. It is Sharpton and Jackson who have given Imus the ability to do this, whereas without them these girls would probably just write him off as another ****** shock jock. (IF they would have even heard about it at all, which is doubtful)

    Way to go, guys. That's real progression. All we need is more "victims" in society instead of people able to withstand the storm.

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    Imus shot his own foot. If all the Imus fans think he is that great he could make millions with speaking tours and books. How much would you pay to hear Imus speak or buy his books? I wouldn't pay a dime for any of the three gentlemen you mentioned. I would love to see them battle on that claymation thing on TV though.

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    Sorry but Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson did not ruin Imus' career - his mouth did that. They may have focused attention on what he said, but the fact is - he said it first. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hell, if it contains actual work, you can count Sharpton and Jackson out! But I guess forgiving is only for certain people! I personally like IMUS, and his charity work (along w/his wife).

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    1 decade ago

    They wouldn't even attempt to do something like that!!! It isn't as exciting as seeing if you can ruin someones life & career!!! I hope Imus finds another job and comes back even stronger & more popular than he was.

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    Only GOD can judge those three, but he should have kept his mouth closed.

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