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How do I find a good clothing manufacturer in Vietnam? Especially with small order quantities?

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    How do I find a good clothing manufacturer in Vietnam? Especially with small order quantities?

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    Getting something manufactured overseas won't work for a tiny batch of 50 or 100 (unless that's regarded as a first sample). It is only economically viable in much larger quantities. I have organised bespoke manufacturing for clients where they bought a batch of 2000 ('maternity bands') at a cost of about US$3 ea which came to about US$5 with all other costs included and they sold for US$15 or similar but even that was difficult: 2000 is still small in Chinese terms! For these kinds of numbers (100) either use existing importers selling ready made items or commission a local company. Hope that helps.

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    Screw the Chinese. The "best" way to find a good supplier is to email your in country diplomatic mission or trade group. If you're American, contact the American Chamber of Commerce in either Ha Noi or HCM. Then you will use those leads to arrange a visit to the suppliers or have a local attorney handle the arrangements.

    Contrary to what the other poster says, textile manufacturing is a huge business in VN. It's all over the country. If you decide to visit, send me a private email. My sister in law is related to a family who has extensive textile holdings.

    edit, I just noticed that you're probably Aussie. There are Aussie trade groups in VN as well as LOT'S of your fellow countrymen. LinkedIn has several groups devoted to Viet business. Try posting the question there. (Viet Expats, VinaJobs, etc)

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    You would be better off trading with China through

    Though cheap suppliers are in Vietnam, makes it easy to order without going to the country.

    Vietnam's manufacturing is mostly in Ho Chi Minh City. All you can do is search online, try to make contacts, but you have to keep trying until you make contacts.

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