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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

I am short waisted and this make me look fat! What should I do?

I am short waisted and this makes me look fat! What should I do?

I am really short waisted so I look fat. I dont want to change my whole wardrobe (because I cant afford it). All my friend have long waist and look really skinny, but I look really overweight, but I am not. The otherday my friends and I were doing bmi testing just to make sure we were the right weight. Me and my friend (that looks really skinny because of her long waist) weight the same. So after we weigh ourselves one of my friends says to me, 'Are you sure thats your weight because that how much Lisa weighs'. My friend was basicaly saying to me 'Your not skinny, so you cant weigh that little'. I dont really care that my friend said this (and it is not the reason I want to look skinnier)

What should I do? Is there a way i can extend my torso.

I am not fat, I am normal for my age and height. I also dont have an eating disorder (this is for people that think I do).

Sorry for my bad spelling and grammer, this was realy rushed!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    How you wear you clothes can help.

    I'm not an expert I just remember seeing something about it on a lifestyle show so this is straight from the webpage linked on my source. I would check what you normally wear against the do/don't list:


    (DON'T) TIPS If you are short-waisted, avoid:

    * Accentuating the flaw of the waist by wearing outfits that change color at the waist.

    * Belts that match the bottom and contrast with the top.

    * High-waisted bottoms and crop tops.

    * Wide belts.

    * Abrupt color change at the waist.

    * 2-piece dressing

    * Bolero

    * Designs with big sleeves, side bag, big necklines and palazzo

    * Short jackets ending at waist.

    (DO) TIPS If you are short-waisted:

    * Make sure not to let your bust sag.

    * Wear long tops or dropped waists

    * Wear belts (narrow) that match the top and contrast with the bottom.

    * For Women: Remember that blouson, princess and empire are good

    * For Men: Remember that matching colors or same color tones are good for illussion.

    * Dropped waists creates effective camouflage.

    * Vertical neckline creates good illusion.

    * Remember to push your (narrow) belt down a little lower than your natural waist.

    * You gain a half-inch-longer waist if you tuck in your top over the belt for disguise.

    * Match your belt to the top's color for just a little longer illusion. "

  • If you're not overweight, then find ways to tone your body, stomach, whatever. Pilates work really well. You could find a cheap one at the target or somewhere.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think stretching your body will help.

    do yoga.

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