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Famous Australian Inventions?

What are some Famous Australian Inventions and when they became popular. O_O Thanks.

P.S some links to australian inventions would be helpful

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    refrigerator, underwater torpedo, stump jump plough, electric drill, first powered flight, differential gears, the Australian crawl, boomerang, hills hoist, the notepad, world's first feature-length film, surf lifesaving reel, homespun process, the tank, aspirin for headaches, vegemite, car radio, speedo swimwear, flying doctor service, nuclear fission, the ute, zinc cream, transverse folding stroller, antibiotic pennicilin, victor mower, lagerphone, solar hot water, black box flight recorder, plastic spectable lens, ultrasound, inflatable aircraft escape slide, wine cask, race cam, bionic ear, dual flush toilet, wave-piercing catamarans, frozen embryo baby, baby safe capsule, multi-focal contact lens, supersonic combustion, scramjet, underwater pc, exelgram, jindalee radar system, hyshot scramjet engine, and more...

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    Sorry, the torpedo was invented by an AUSTRIAN, and it is not commonly held that the first powered flight was performed by an Australian (either powered of sustained flight)

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    Bionic Ear

    Hills hoist clothes line

    The Ute

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    See the movie "Young Einstein" starring Yahoo Serious. It's the story of an Australian Albert Einstein who splits the beer atom.

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    Sunshine cane harvester, that's a good one.

    Potato peeler.

    No links sorry, all the best if I think of more I'll return.

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    That hat with the corks hanging off it?

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    The boomerang. The didgeridoo.

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