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If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then ...?

Would you seek absolute power to save someone you love? Even if it means you would be corrupted. If so Why?


I've always thought of absolute power as the power to create and destroy. If your mom or dad were dead or dying and you had the power to keep them alive or bring them back to life, would you? Corruption would occur when you started deciding who lives or dies by your will with nothing on our world to stop you.Does that help Orrtag?

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    I would choose the path of humility... I do not want power... as for saving a loved one on their deathbed... were it that I could, I would not accept that power to save... Things happen for a reason... and it is foolish to tinker with "God's Plan", or the course of nature, or whatever else you wish to call it...

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    No. For two reasons: Death is apart of life, without life wouldn't be so cherrished.

    And, that would deminish the point of bringing them back. If I did bring them back, back because I wanted them alive here for me . . . I would be bringing them back to a corrupted me which in turn of events would lead to a corrupted life ultimately to a corrupted world or however far I could take it . . . so really I'd be punishing them by bringing them back instead of letting them go where they were supposed to anyway.

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    ok this is a tough one but i will be truthful

    if it was to save my parents then no i would not seek absolute power as they have lived there lives and have enjoyed there grandchildren, child and friends


    being a mum of 3 boys under 9yrs i would have to say yes i would do anything to save them even if it meant corruption for me

    now i will state what i hold true

    i dont believe that all power corrupts

    i believe that power will only corrupt, if you as a person allow yourself to be corrupted.

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    It depends on the situation. Is my power going to be strong enough to corrupt everybody else? Then, no. Is it just going to corrupt me? Yes, maybe. Is it my 92 year old mother? Probably not. I would be alive longer to keep her memory on uncorrupted than she would last, and after she's gone, it's just me. Corrupted me.

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