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Is it safe to drink the water in NZ?

I'm flying in from LA. And I'll be staying in a little town on the West Coast. Should I drink bottled water and stay away from tap?


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    NZ is a highly developed country and the water is completely 100% safe to drink from the tap. We are actually one of the cleanest and greenest countrys in the world and are renowned for our clean air and beautiful environment.

    all the water from taps has either been treated at the water plants or if you are off the beaten track you will find that the water from the taps is probably from tanks that capture rain water, or from natural underground springs.

    In fact you may find that as NZ is no where near as polluted as most other countries that the water actually tastes nicer and crisper in NZ.

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    Domestic water in New Zealand is safe to drink. If you are travelling to the West Coast, presumably you will be spending some time outside on trails and in the bush. In these places water supplies will indicate whether they are suitable for drinking or not.

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    The harbour-side town of Auckland is New Zealand's true area and the vibrant economic center of the country, know it with hotelbye . Auckland is also known as the "City of Sails" and it sprawls out in helter-skelter style between Manukau Harbour (to the west) and Waitemata Harbour (to the east) with the lightweight key town district proper next to the waterway. For some visitors to New Zealand, Auckland is the point of birth, and several days washing up the ethnic and outside attractions here ought to be on every tourist's to-do list. The monuments, museums, and artwork galleries listed here are some of the best in the country. The suburban coastline of the city is speckled with great beaches, and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf supply a style of New Zealand's spectacular national park scenery close to the city's doorstep. Auckland is definitely a town worth seeing.

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    The worst tap water in NZ is safe to drink and better than some brands of bottled water.

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    Water is pretty safe from all cities and most towns, may pay to boil water first in small rural areas or take bottled water. You are pretty safe in Greymouth and Hokitika and Westport. I drunk water straight from the tap there. No worries.

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    It is safe to drink water in the big cities like Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington etc. But I am not too sure about the small town.

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    The water is alright at Christchurch because I once lived there.It's not poision.

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    christchurch has real good water, i drink it all the time straight from the tap

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    yea i think its very safe to drink tab water in nz.

    but if u are worried, you should buy bottled water.

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    itz totally safe like itz safer than it iz in australia trust me yea da waterz alright

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