Fair amount to charge for babysitting for family?

I have in the past babysat for my brother-in-law and his wife. At first it was at the beginning of the school year, after school until 10 pm at night. The children are 12 and 8, although major tutoring was needed with both (both were held back), dinner and nightly baths. I charged $20 a night, for the 6 hours. They don't make or rather manage their money too well, and we have gone as far as buying the children school supplies and clothes. Now, the brother in law has obtained a new job (pays less, after he just "quit" on a whim the other one) and now has asked to babysit during the day which is 8 hours, breakfast and lunch, and will so conveniently go to 2nd shift when school begins, that they will not have to deal with the childrens school work. Long story. What in your opinion would be a fair amount per hour or daily for family members, that live paycheck to paycheck? I would do it for free, it our finances could afford it, but we have 2 children ourselves we are raising.


As far as them obtaining day care, all around here close at 6pm thereabouts, this will lead back into 10pm nights, so there isn't an option for after school programs, as they also lived in the next county, and both work in the county in which I live.

Update 2:

For the latter answers here, the oldest is indeed 12 yr old (this month), however these children would be home alone from 4pm-10:30pm 20 miles of nowhere in the country, they have no land line phone, parents only have a cell they take with them, and I cannot fathom the 12yr old boy being responsible- I KNOW to cook supper, and both of their homework, plus bathes, he is also hot tempered to his little sister-that is out of the equation.

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    It depends somewhat on where you live, what the economy is like and the salaries in the area. If you want a general idea of daycare costs, you can call local centers and find out what they charge weekly. Most of the time private sitters charge a little bit less than the centers, but not always. Then, only you know what your conscience dictates.

    It also depends on your Brother in Law and Sister in Law. Are they the type to take advantage and take you for granted or do they genuinely appreciate what you are doing for them and their children. Do you enjoy the children and the time you spend with them? How much work is it to keep up with them? They are not small children, so they should be a little easier than if you were watching toddlers, unless they have some special needs. If that is the case you should factor the added work into what you charge as well.

    And one more thought. Making the difference in the life of a child is priceless and no money value can be put on it.

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    I would charge 40 dollars a day. They should be able to afford that, and it is much cheaper than daycare. You might also speak with them about providing lunch or breakfast, or providing money or food for which to feed their children. There is nothing wrong with doing this. If they have a problem with this, you need to speak with them about finding childcare elsewhere. They need to manage their finances better. If they dont want to provide food, bring up a bill at the end of the week, and present it to them. Since they are family, and you dont want to cause hard feelings, just say that you cant afford to feed two other children, and you arent making enough with 20 a day to watch their children all throughout the day. I would double that amount, as the time is being more than doubled, and that should cover expenses. I hope this helps you some. Good Luck!!

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    As a daycare/babysitter myself, I really suggest you hop on the phone and call all the local daycare centers and get their weekly rates according to each child's age as well as a few at home daycare centers you can find in the paper. Charge just a little bit less than what a professional would if you are a good babysitter. You are still saving them money therefore not losing your job, yet still making the money you need to maintain. I personally live in SC and charge $175 per week for a 2 year old. Things are definitely different from state to state though so I'd call. Good luck sweetie!

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    well,seeing how this is ur job....day cares EASILY get a minimum of $100 a week f/t prob even a little more.i think that is fair seeing how u need the money too.they r feeding the kids rite,that u dont do,fam or not.is this at ur house or theirs?do u travel far if its at their house,cuz gas is expensive rite now.nothing should have 2 come outta ur pocket.out here in Cali there is a govt program called childrens home society that helps families pay for child care.they could pay all or u could have a small out of pocket fee.well worth it.they would also pay u too,but they pay at the end of the month.u could maybe get more money.do u have a license by any chance,u get paid more if u do.?

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    My son is in day care and I pay $100 a week for him. I pay 20 dollars a day. Every Monday I pay 5 dollars and he get's, McDonalds on Mon and pizza on Fri. My personal opinion, 20 dollars a day is fine maybe even 25 or 30. I know if they were to take the youngest and put them into some kind of program, they will pay more. But, honestly, 20 is enough, but it all depends on what you feel comfortable asking for and what you can survive off of. I know before, my fiance and I use to live pay check to pay check and it isn't easy, but they could be paying a lot more to someone else.

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    They need to pay for some of the food.

    Otherwise, call a day care and find out what they charge in your area. Then knock off a couple of $ an hour.

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    for a 5 day week i would say $65 to $75 or if they wanted to bring food for the kids then $50

    for a 6 day week i would say $75 to $80 if they bring food $65

    for 7 days $100 if they bring food $75

    with everything you have to do that is a far rate i have to pay $150 to 200 a week for 3 kids thats why i decided to stay home with my kids

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    $30 - $40 is very fair since you are feeding them and tutoring them as well. you can also make a deal with them to lower amount if they provide the kids food??? I don't know what they can afford but if they mismanage their funds, thats not your cross to bear. You are doing them an enormous favor, family or not. Some people pay more for one kid and you have your two to take care of.

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    I think 30 dollars a day is a really REALLY generous price- in the real world, it's 60 dollars a day. You should ask him to buy groceries as well. The kids should come with a packed lunch.

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