Any way to prove that his ex has live in boyfriend (in SC) so that he can stop paying alimony?

I understand that you can hire a private eye to prove that someone is living with someone, and after 9 months of cohabitation the court will stop requiring one to pay alimony. Anyone have any idea of a way to prove she has a live in other than hiring an expensive PI? We know for a fact that she has boyfriend living with her but holy cow, what a private eye could end up costing....... SC divorce laws are sooooo outdated.


We have talked to an attorney and he advised us to hire a PI. She will avoid getting married in order to keep alimony so we are basically paying her to stay single. So goldwing, you are wrong -- sorry.

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    If your understanding from the lawyer is that alimony could be terminated with proof of cohabitation, and that he/she advised you to hire a PI to obtain such, then that is what you need to do. Other "proof" might be negated in court as heresay, but a certificated detective, with no ulterior motives, would be received as legitimate testimony on his behalf. It sucks that further financial outlay will need to take place to resolve the issue, but, consider it an investment toward a less expensive, hassle-free future. Perhaps if you can work out a deal ahead of time with the PI, by offering to provide some background, legwork, and proof of your own to bolster the case, they might lessen the amount charged for the investigation.

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    You have been ordered to pay her alimony with the aid of fact she took care of YOU in the process the marriage truly of having a occupation - did that a technique or the different replace??? till she remarries, you're out of success.

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    She is free to live with whomever she wishes. Your are orderd to pay alimony...One has nothing to do with the other. Only her marriage will terminate Alimony payments. Get used to it.

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    It is so unfair for the ex wive to live on with your earnings. Good luck..

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