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the u.s should just invade north Korea and be done with this agree?

the u.s can no longer stand by and watch the north koreans test fire missiles and try and be diplomatic.look at history relating to hitler,that's what the british tried to do.

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  • Tones
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    no wonder a great deal of people around the world (30 %) these days looks at the U.S. as the greatest threat to world peace.

  • Frank
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    The biggest problem is the geography...North Korea is a peninsula jutting off of China. If the US attacks NK, then China has to assume that out motives are purely aggressive and then joins with North Korea as self defense. The best tactic is to allow China to defuse the problem. When we test fire a missile, who tells us yes or no? Do we have the right to dictate another county's defense policies. No one dictates to us. We didn't stop or protest Japan's many rocket launches, or even China's successful space flight. Perhaps there are other motives. After all the US peaceful entry into space came from Von Braun who fired missiles into Britain. Most of the North Korean bluster is rhetoric as they want supplication from other countries. But the danger is over-reacting and triggering a catastrophe. China in its own vested interests is a better candidate to solve the problem than the US.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not at all.

    In the waning days of the Clinton Administration (for all its faults), North and South Korea were even starting to talk of reunification. North Korea isn't trying to take over the world; rather, their government is paranoid and believes that the U.S. wants to take them over. Let's not prove them right. Rather, engage them, let South Korea take the diplomatic lead, and let the North Korean government collapse on its own schedule. This is a problem that will resolve itself if the U.S. doesn't panic. (So is Iran in its own way, but that's another matter.)

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    nicely it does no longer without difficulty spoil an total military, we do not march down the line in a unmarried large formation like Napolean or something. it would kill a great number of squaddies yet no longer adequate to end a protection stress. Tactical nuclear guns have under no circumstances been large achieveable because armies have a tendency to flow and the administration of such guns are left to extreme element persons contained in the authorities and under no circumstances protection stress, so that they're a lot slower in getting the weapon heading in the right direction. i trust if the North were invaded that they'd blow up Seoul or in spite of they could attain in Japan, cities are a lot juicier objectives for WMDs because they have large populations that are compact and do not flow round. After keeping this i do not trust the U. S. would invade the North because if it did thousands of thousands of Koreans would nicely be killed noticeably damn quick.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's exactly why I hate Bush! He thinks that America should control the world... That's how Hitler thought, he thought Germany should control the world and Bush thinks he should... In my opinion if Bush doesn't stop, and if these dumb americans keep supporting him, we're gonna have a WW3 and its gonna be america invading the entire world trying to take control... I don't think the US has the right to invade North Korea, they haven't attacked the US yet... You already started wars in Iraq and Afganastan... Smooth move there buddy! If you wanna bring Hitler into this, thats fine with be because Bush is trying to follow in Hitler's footsteps and he is the greatest threat to world peace right now, Bush and the gawddamn americans... Don't even consider calling youself peace keepers... I'm proud to be Canadian right now, how many countries have we just decided to invade for shits and giggles? NONE!

  • 1 decade ago

    C canada doesnt have north korea playing games with them using ICBM's now does it? what the hell is wrong with you people? do you like the commies and terrorists that that why you won't grow a spine? we don't want to control the world and anyone with a lick of sense would realize that, but we are deadly serious about our security. i know you people aren't. we had every justification for going into Iraq whether you are intelligent enough to understand it or not. WE ARE IN A FREAKING WAR AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISTS...what part can't you understand. now because this fat little commie in north korea wants to get stupid we have to deal with that...and you say we want to control the world? nonsense.

    dkr and now to your question. i can agree with you on an emotional level but this is a time for very cool heads. have you heard that this idiot has threatened an all out nuclear retaliation if we take any pre-emptive action against his missile sites? this guy needs to be dealt with, i'm not sure how, but it's not like we are in a saloon and you can just take him outside and kick his *** as much as i wish it was.

  • 1 decade ago

    NO we have enough to deal with in iraq and afghanistan.This is one for the united nations to resolve with diplomacy and if necassary sanctions againts north korea,besides north korea has china right across the border and china is none to happy as it is about what is going on. Another point is they have maybe a dozen or so missles built capable of reaching the united states and even less nuclear warheads where as the usa has hundreds of thousands of missles scattered all over the planet in underground silos and on submarines that for all north korea know could be right off their coast just waiting for the order to turn north korea into a pile of smoldering radioactive ash should they decide to attack us of our friends.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The U.S. should not go on the offensive unless we have the proper cause. we must have the backing of all our allies, have a good cause, and strong strategy on how to do it. we do not want another vietnam. we would have to have the proper way of fighting it as well using the minimum amount of troops possible. it would most likely be a bombardment war. using naval and airpower, and not risking our troops. and after we are done, we just give N.Korea to the south, our allies. and we can build more bases on Korea . But we must have a good cause and the backing of several other nations.

  • 1 decade ago

    Excuse me. The U.S. Government are the true initiators of violence.

    They bully its citizens everyday and dare anyone to challenge there hypocritical laws.

    Targeting North Korea is not going to solve the world ills.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, the U.S. should have due diligence along with patience and

    an excellent diplomatic corp that is adept at dealing with leaders

    of nations that have ambitous leaders. The country with the most

    to lose and have the biggest arsenal of weapons must also be

    ever mindful of carrying the big stick and walking softly.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it was just North Korea, North Korea wouldn't be the bully it is. It is China and maybe Russia that would come to North Korea's defense if we invaded it. Mutual Assured Destruction. The NK leaders may be crazy, but they're not stupid enough to attack us. If they attack Japan, we will come to its defense, so I don't think NK will attack Japan either. I think we should wait and see.

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