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Why can't there be an easily visible "service status" list on th e main Yahoo page?

So when Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Messenger crash, the users would have someplace to go look rather than 43 zillion people ask on Yahoo Answers? (And yes, I do systems admin for a living - if my site can keep track of 2,000 servers in a room, Yahoo should be able to keep track of what they have),

NAGIOS, Cricket, BigBrother, Openview, and all the other usual suspect... I'm sure they're in use, all that's left is to hook it up to a status webpage. :)

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    You make an excellent point. It should be right on the main page and clearly visible. Rather than admitting a problem, Yahoo goes into denial mode. This is really poor. Every business and every service in the world has some trouble from time to time.

    Obviously, they prefer to say nothing, letting many users bang their heads against the wall, deleting and reinstalling and trying every other conceivable thing to repair the problem. Yahoo should be ashamed...not for having a problem, but taking the approach that they do. It's totally reprehensible and intolerable.

    I love Yahoo. I understand there are some growing pains. They've made many upgrades recently and perhaps we don't understand how big the bumps in the road are. Yahoo is the best, but many people rely on Yahoo. I personally, consider them similar to a public utility. They provide a valuable and to some extent irreplaceable service. For that reason, they should be responsive to the needs of the people who have become so dependent on the services they provide.

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    Would be a perfect world if yahoo informed use of the e-mail problems or any others. ;)

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