Will anyone who has/has had a memory foam mattress such as tempur-pedic share their experience?

Can you tell me what you think of it and whether it was worth the investment? We love our memory foam pillows but don't want to spend that kind of money on a mattress unless it is truly worth it.


Those of you that have a mattress topper, how do you get a sheet on it? Do you need special sheets to cover it and the mattress?

Update 2:

Those of you that have a mattress topper, how do you get a sheet on it? Do you need special sheets to cover it and the mattress?

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    Why don't you try the foam mattress topper instead? I have one I got at Overstock - $125 for a King size. It's the 3 inch thick one and I have it on top of a fairly hard regular mattress. It might make a nice interim step before spending money on the mattress.

    It's very comfortable to me, but it did take a couple of days to get used to. Also, it tends to retain body heat, so you may be warmer than usual when you wake up.

    I don't need a larger sheet. It smashes down at the corners where the most pressure is on a fitted sheet.

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    I don't have the tempur-pedic mattress, but I have a memory foam mattress topper that I got at CostCo for about $150.00. It's about 3 inches thick and sits right on top of your mattress. Took a little getting used to, but my wife and I really like it. May be worth trying before investing a few thousand in a tempur-pedic mattress...

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    I have one and I love it would never go back to a Spring Mattress. It is worth the money believe me.

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    Its great,,,, I've had it for a month, my co-workers have it and they like it. But i think you definetly have to buy the pillow with it.

    Oh, and you cannot cuddle with your partner on it. Its not confortable. I personally cuddle for 5 mins and then face my own way.

    It takes like 2 mins for the mattress to adjust to your body and temperature. After those few minutes you wil be in heaven

    every person is different but i think you will like it.

    Good luck... rick


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    Only you can determine if memory foam satisfies your comfort preferences . . latex is another option. Try just the toppers on your present mattress first.

    3 inch 5.3 lb memory foam


    3 inch 28 ILD talalay latex


    5 inch polyurethane base


    (free shipping code F76WKIT for orders above $75 - good till 10/31/06)

    8 inch velour cover


    wool fleece pad


    contour pillow


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    I love mine. At first it feels like you might get stuck in it but then its more like someone is cradling you. I also REALLY love the pillows. I havent been as sore since we bought ours. My only complaint is that they hold in body heat and if I don't have a fan on I wake up hot in the middle of the night(but everyone tells me I get hot too easy anyways)

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    I have a mattress topper as well and i love it love it love it!

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    Bob-o-pedic $999. Same material. Thicker.

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    Its good....read more here:

    Mattress Tempur


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