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First moon landing?

a guy i work with swears up and down that the first moon landing was fake. he says we were in a race with russia to see who could get there first. so america faked the video. he told me this last week, and now its all over the internet that they cant find the video. opinions?

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    Although my wife's father performed fuel calculations for the original Apollo landing, I'll spare you that speech. Instead, I will encourage you to watch two programs. The first show is called Conspiracy Moon Landing that it currently showing on the National Geographic Channel and it pretty much obliterates all of the popular conspiracy theories.

    I would also encourage you to watch a movie called Capricorn One. Made it 1978, it is a fictional story about a fake mission to Mars. Although it is a science fiction story, it is a good example of how utterly impossible it would be to fake a moon landing for any length of time.

    12 men walked on the moon from 1969 to 1972 and we have neither the resources nor the technology to pull off that big of a hoax for so long. Hundreds of thousands of people have worked on the space program. It would be far easier to put someone on the moon than to try and fake it and keep it secret for nearly 40 years.

    The landings came at a time when our space program was ultra competitive with the former Soviet Union. Remember how big of a deal it was when Sputnik was put into orbit? They had the technology to monitor our moon shots and transmissions. Don't you think they would have called us out if they had evidence that it was all fake?

    Perhaps the most definitive proof of our trip to the moon is what we left behind. For the last 35+ years, scientists have been beaming lasers to the moon and measuring the return times. How are they doing this? The beams are reflected back by equipment left on the moon on at 3 different locations.

    Case closed.

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    We definitely landed on the moon.

    It would be impossible to fake the conditions found on the moon. For example, the rocks that they brought back contained chemical signatures found nowhere on the Earth and this could not be faked.

    The astronauts placed reflectors on the surface of the moon that we still routinely bounce laser beams off of in order to measure the moon's distance from the Earth.

    Also, it would have cost much much more to fake the broadcasts, evidence, scientific instruments, etc. than it cost to actually go to the moon.

    There are numerous websites debunking this myth. For example:

    There is a principal in science called Occam's Razor. It states that all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually correct.

    Does it make more sense that we landed on the moon, or that there has been a massive coverup within NASA and the entire scientific community for 30+ years with absolutely no one coming forward to reveal that they were faked?

    Does it make more sense that all of the photographs, films, rock samples, etc. are authentic, or that they were somehow faked at enormous technological cost so expertly that scientists have been fooled all this time?

    I think you know the answer.

    Source(s): science and common sense
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    I watched a video about it is World Civ. There is so much evidence against it. Some that I can remeber were that there were many crosshairs inside the camera and in picture some objects were in front of them. How is that possible? They also only had one light source and in multiple pictures the shadows were going in different directions. Also in some pictures the sun was in the background but you could see the astrtonaut as if there was a light behing the camera. It should have been only a silouette. There was also no lading crator. The flag when they first placed it waved as if there was wind. The moon has no atmosphere and no wind. There was some much more like random deaths. And missing documents. And it would have been a lot safer and way less expensive to do it on earth. Also there was a lot of stuff going on in the U.S. so this was much hope. Also to beat the Russians.

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    Head over to your nearby IMAX theatre (or the nearest one) and see "Magnificent Desolation" This movie was made from the beautiful still pictures taken by the astronauts on the moon, as well as some of the video they transmitted back to earth.

    What video is lost? I'll bet there are many copies in lots of other archives (like the companies that were involved, the ones the producers of the movie I mentioned above used, and more) that have copies of the pictures and videos -- Remember we didn't just go to the moon once -- we went a half dozen times.

    How about sending the guy off to look at some real conspiracy things out there, like "Ron Brown's Bullet Hole" or "Who killed Hillary's friend and confidante, Vince Foster" -- there seems to be a lot of discussion on things like these that happened in your lifetime. There's plenty of conspiracy theories out there, but Americans Landing on the Moon in 1969 is NOT one of them worth anyone's time!

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    The russians actually beat the US into space, HOWEVER they never made it to the moon because there was no rocket that could propel any craft with walls made up of at least 6 feet of lead out of our own atmosphere. The reason for such a thick bodied craft: There is an extremely deadly radiation belt to pass through which leaves us to wonder how NASA did it with something resembling a ceramic kiln and some gold foil. The Van Allen belt can be passed through but you won't be a member of the X-men after that more or less even human/alive.

    Now here's the interesting part....if one could rapidly pass through this belt, the risk of death/radiation poisoning/cellular mutation would be greatly decreased yet there is STILL THE INHERENT RISK............which means if NASA did put man on the moon, the saying should be "One step for...oh sh** i'm a guinea pig for the gov't and they don't care if my kids are born with 3 eyes"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago will debink all of those myths. He is telling you a HUGE lie and more than likely doesn't even know it.

    There is more evidence for the moon landing, the films are easily accessable and the people who say we didn't do it are essentially too lazy to find the real information.

    For the government to have faked it they would have had to have more than 100,000 people all keep it a secret! Whe you hear about "pay offs to the engineers" go to a couple of retirement homes in Florida - there are these guys there who did work on the programs who are living on social security - if they got paid off, why aren't ehy living a LOT better?

    Please, go learn the history before you listen to the nut jobs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes we landed on the moon. To the person who brought up the Van Allen belt "Proponents of the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax have argued that space travel to the moon is impossible because the Van Allen radiation would kill or incapacitate an astronaut who made the trip. Van Allen himself, now deceased (August 9, 2006), dismissed these ideas. In practice, Apollo astronauts who travelled to the moon spent very little time in the belts and received a harmless dose. [6]. Nevertheless NASA deliberately timed Apollo launches, and used lunar transfer orbits that only skirted the edge of the belt over the equator to minimise the radiation. Astronauts who visited the moon probably have a slightly higher risk of cancer during their lifetimes, but still remain unlikely to become ill because of it."

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  • nick s
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    The trouble with this site is that there is no mechanism for searching archives of answers.

    This one about the supposed fake moon landings and the other one about Mars close approach this month have been turning up ad nauseum several times a day.

    There are an awful lot of sad, ignorant people out there, who are willing to believe almost to religious mania what other sad, ignorant people tell them.

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  • 4 years ago

    Its been shown time and time agin, we did land on the Moon. would I additionally remind you that there became into 6 Moon Missions that landed on the lunar floor during the Apollo era. None of those Apollo Moon touchdown's have been hoaxed. i will communicate and disprove the conspiracy theories you would be familiar with. think of approximately it logically; The spacecrafts have been actual released with the aid of NASA, that's complicated to pretend. 2nd the Apollo crafts ought to no longer have orbited the Earth for 8 days as particularly some the conspiracy theorists have claimed. If NASA had of accomplished that they might have been caught on their lie, somewhat in the event that they did it six situations. The Russians tracked the Apollo missions very heavily and that they knew for a certainty that not one of the missions have been faked. in the event that they only had the slightest clue that the Moon touchdown became into faked it would have been the acceptable propaganda weapon for use against the U. S. and to Capitalism. The flag waves as a results of fact it became into planted in the soil and Armstrong twisted the poles. it is obvious as a results of fact in different pictures you will see the flag isn't moving whilst he walks previous it. additionally the reason there is not any blast crater below Apollo 11 is as a results of fact whilst the craft landed it decreased velocity upon touchdown on the Moon's floor, so all that it did became into blow away dirt. a similar is with utilising right into a carpark when you consider which you do notpersistent in at 30 miles an hour. Over 3 quarters of a million human beings have been engaged on the challenge in total. it would have been impossible for each a million of them to maintain a secret. Even filming the touchdown would have been extra complicated than touchdown on the Moon itself. think of pertaining to to the form of persons they might have had to shoot the Moon touchdown in a action picture studio. ultimately if the Moon touchdown became into faked, we would have found out years in the past. those issues do no longer final 40-one years with out an answer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The moon landing was 100% real. Your co-worker should join the Flat Earth Society. His contention has been debunked many times. As a worker on the Apollo program, a friend of many astronauts, and a resident of the area around the Johnson Space Center for 40 years, I can assure you that the accomplishment, and the danger, was real.

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