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Can you have hot coffee with new dentures?

Or even dentures in general?

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    Yes you can, just sip slowly at first to test and make sure that the coffee isn't gonna go under the dentures. Trust me when it does it burns.

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    You should be able to have anything that you had before the dentures. Hot or cold should not make a difference if the fit is proper. If there is any problem at all, then it would be from the liquid seeping underneath and partially dissolving the denture adhesive. Again this is the fit of the dentures.

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    It's a learning process. The heat may relax muscles that you have subconsciously learned to use "just so" to help hold your dentures in. The heat may ever so slightly expand the denture base, causign it to loosen. If you wear adhesive, it might loosen the adhesive.

    And watch out for burning yourself as the others have said. The denture covers and insulates the roof of your mouth so you might drink it too hot and then it will burn your soft palate or your throat or tongue.

    Baby steps.

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    Like others said, be sure that its not too hot. I've done that a few times so far.

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