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are thier any americans who realy want to go to war with iran?

im an american,and i read a article on how many americans think we should go to war with this possible,i just dont see it,i was wondering if anyone agrees,serious answers mean real answers,not just "hell yes"crap,we will lose this war according to our top generals,aswell as make america more vulnerable,iran will get a bomb,theirs just nothing we can do,a war will stop nothing,iran will never use the nuke,it will be an end to their world and they know why go fight a lost cause...the rest of the world is not with us.....


**** its" their"..i know i know,typing to fast

Update 2:

if iran wants to nuke the world,than why do they still sell oil to the us,why not just start a war,and why are you patriots on yahoo and not enlisting?,ww3 and thier will be no yahoo....why dont people ever think of the outcome...of nuclear war...iran is run by religion...but america is aslo heading that way as well...christians want a religuios state,oh they stopped bombing clinics,so lets go bomb aother religions

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    Why do you include the entire North and South America? South America is not involved in this conflict. Neither is Canada. No. This "conflict" bordering on a war (God protect us if it happens) involves the United States and Iran. That's it. Iran has been baiting the United States. The United States has been baiting Iran. It's like a personal thing really. An oil giant and a Super Power.


    Still, the threat of nuclear war scares ALL of us

    Many in the United States may well want a war with Iran.

    But I would be willing to bet they would NOT want this type of war if their sons and daughters and fathers and mothers were called to be involved in it.

    Furthermore, many in the United States wish all of this nuclear war/weapons talk would just go away. But that is not to be. The United States is too deeply entrenched in its reputation as a "world power" to back out at this point.. That is not to say that the United States will attack Iran. We remember once again, that Iran is an oil giant also. But unlike Iraq, its people (at least in their viewpoint) are not under another Saddam Hussain.

    Ahmadinejad may be a despot of sorts but he is also a devout Muslim. Not an extremist in my view. Not westernized either, but then that is true of many countries in the Middle East. And George Bush notwithstanding, "converting to a democracy" just isn't in the cards for many of these people. Not now. Perhaps not even fifty years from now.

    I believe Iran has the right to seek alternate forms of energy. I also believe that through democratic endeavors, Iran would be willing to open its "nuclear" doors to someone they trust. But who they trust does NOT include the United States.

    And in responding to your question, I am a United States citizen. And for a plethora of reasons not ALL expressed here, I'd hate to see the United States involved in another war.....

    just as I would hate to see another Iraq .....

    with dead US troops marching

    cadavars bringing up the rear......

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    1) First off your question is horribly worded. I'm not exactly sure of the information you are quoting or what you mean by the bizarre grammer of your question.

    2) " iran will never us the nuke" Iran is a religously centered government lead by a religious leader. As radical muslims have proven in the they are willing to use every means of punishing the "infidels" at their disposal. The major concern of the US government militaristicly is that Iran will obtain Nuclear Arms and then come under the control a radical muslim faction, which will not think twice to use all the weapons in their military arsenal to eliminate the "infidels" from their holy land. That includes Isreal, Saudi Arabia, which to Iranians are seen as little better than the isreallis as they have such a long standing history of cooperation with Western powers.

    It seems to me you have already made up your mind as to what you feel on this question. I believe that IF there is to be a war in Iran, it will not be because the US pushes it's place of power in the middle east but will be because Iran has made the decision to disregard the international community. Is war inevitable in Iran, probably, any state lead by religious fanatics will eventual fall under the sway of radical elements.

    Well I'm off to sit with my fiance and our good friend and indulge in some of the more enjoyable parts of western society.

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    These are are the same people who believe everything the news and government tells them. Unless there is a draft another expansion of the "war on terrorism" is not possible. Iran is a threat, however they are a threat that needs to be handled by other means be it sanctions, political or just telling Israel to get them. Besides im SURE we would win the war against Iran, it is the occupation that would be difficult. Look at Iraq. Our wars in the middle east are just creating more terrorists. Unless we plan to exterminate every muslim and middle eastern country the "war on terrorism" is not a war we will ever win.

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    Iran will never launch a nuclear attack on another country. They will, however, gladly support and supply terrorist who are willing to detonate a nuke in your hometown. Iran is a master of the "asymmetrical" or "proxy" wars. Anyone who watched Hezbollah vs. Israel can easily understand the concept.

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    I don't want them to have nukes. I'm sure they would share with terrorists who could then conceivably sneak one into the US.

    I don't want war with Iraq, but I may eventually be in favor of strategic air strikes by Israel or the US to take out their nuclear facilities.

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    War with Iran No

    War with the individuals who present a danger to me and mine Yes

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    Are there really Americans that want Iran to get a nuclear weapon?

    My friend, of course Iran knows using nuclear weapons will potentially end the world.

    That is what they want.

    They are the world leaders of a suicide cult that wants everyone to move on to an imaginary afterlife.

  • Listen...better yet watch this video...

    opens the eyes!!!

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    >George W. and Dick Halliburton for two. There are undoubtedly hundreds more among their minions who agree with them.<

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    Just the sheeple who live in fear.

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