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During World War Two, were lighthouses still lit?

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    that is a very good question. they may have been but only at some specific times like when the weather was really bad. the blackouts that occured during the 1940s because of the war going on may have had a impact on when they used the lighthouses. ships also had radar or the begginning of radar so that also had a impact of the usefulness of the lighthouse. the coast gaurd at this time took control of the lighthouses at this time.

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    Operation of most U.S. lighthouses was assumed by the U. S. Coast Guard in 1939. At that time, Most Pacific Coast lighthouse operations had been suspended or were extinct. Those still operating during WWII initiated "dim" or "covered" lights to direct shipping.

    All Atlantic Coast lighthouses were inactive from 1941 until 1945.

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    as Germany occupied the Channel Islands during the war, the lighthouses there went unlit until 1945

    Source(s): been to Portland lighthouse in Dorset - it is owned by the Crown Estate
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    Dont Know about lighthouses But the warning beacon on to of Blackpool tower was alowed to be lit

    1 So the planes comming in to marton airport had a homing beacon

    2 so they did not hit it

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    In the UK i think although I'm not certain that there was an unofficial

    agreement that lighthouses would remain running as long as they where not under attack by any of the protagonists.

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    I believe they were still lit as it was important to keep shipping safe - most of the shipping near to the British coast was after all British shipping throughout the war.

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    This is a brilliant question - exactly what Yahoo Answers should be all about. Not this "how can I tell if he likes me?" crap.

    I'm looking forward to an equally brilliant answer.

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    yes of course they were! and we had a great big pink sponge cutout hand pointing the way to all our Strike Command Centres!!

    Good Grief!

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    no but they did have lookouts stationed on them to help guide the ships

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