Is there any relation between pain and penis size if a virgin girl having sex for the first time?

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I am a virgin and my bf having a very big penis. Is there any relation between pain and his size if I have sex with him for the first time?
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Depending on the girth of his penis you may also experience a bit of tearing beside the break in the hymen. From experience this is a bit painful I experienced this the first few times but it is natural. just relax don't worry and it will get better and the pain won't last.
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  • smile4me936 answered 8 years ago
    YES! unless you are an avid masturbater, it will cause pain, and most likely bleeding. Your body isnt used to a large object thrusting inside of you, even if your hips are big. So tell him not to go far and try to be slow.
    Dont get scared when you feel pain in your stomach, or if you bleed. its perfectly normal.
    Use protection!!!
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  • Curious2Know answered 8 years ago
    Yes, your first time will most likely hurt. Because of this, chances are you won't really like it at first and won't climax. Don't worry though! It's perfectly normal!! After your vagina gets used to sex, you will realize why it's so much fun!! Also...use protection!!!
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  • Elvina answered 8 years ago
    yes, of course (also because of the erected penis that is slightly bigger than when it's not erected.) and you will definitely feel pain when you have sex for the first time, but it's normal. Don't worry, just relax and learn to enjoy it. =)
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  • traci s answered 8 years ago
    having sex for the first time is always uncomfortable, so yes
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  • Liz answered 8 years ago
    It might be uncomfotable, but if he is gentle and takes his time it shouldn't be very painful, and you really shouldn't bleed. Most girls break their hymen using tampons, or being very active long beofer they ever have sex, so it's unlikely that yours is still intact. Also, be sure you use a condom, and a good lubricant. It will help with the discomfort.
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  • Sassy answered 8 years ago
    It may hurt a little more but its not that bad. You will bleed after having sex for the first time because he will break the himen which is a layer of skin inside that gets broke the first time. Just make him go slow. Use protection as well.
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  • Keshav K answered 8 years ago
    i think so nothing releation between pain &penis size.but you take preventive care.may be some products avalable in market used"s my first suggestion for you.after that you know what you will do.
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