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Why America and the world are so angry with North Korea?

1-America was the first country to invent a nuclear weapon and used it against innocent humans in Japan more than sixty years ago, and in Iraq 4 years ago (tactic neutron bombs were used secretly in Baghdad to end the battle)

2-More than 2000 nuclear test explosions were carried out since 1945 (1040 by America, 700 by Russia, 200 by France, etc ...) NK just started so what is the big deal?

3-North Korea is not war criminal as much as the US and Israel are.

4-North Korea needs nuclear bomb to protect itself from the continuous American threats.

5-If America and the west are truthful why they don’t start by their own selves, when they disarm they can start to ask others to disarm, otherwise they have no right to be angry with other countries that follow their footsteps.

6-Many scholars and politicians think America is the biggest threat to peace and not NK.

When hypocrisy and double standards will disappear and justice will prevail?


When hypocrisy and double standards will disappear and justice will prevail?

Please answer my question logically and defend your answer if you can.

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    How can U defend the indefensible?

    The pain & suffering in Iraq hasn't made the headlines YET, as the Fog of War is a valuable resource 4 the US, they dropped tons & tons of depleted uranium.

    Radiation poisoning is V unpleasant! Bombing innocent Iraqis 2 the extent that they did WAS/IS SHAMEFUL!

    I think North Korea ( stuff whoever if U choose 2 disagree ) must/should B entitled 2 the same Rights as so many others.

    Plain 2 C now, there's no way the US would have invaded Iraq, if they seriously thought Saddam had WMD!

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    1. The innocent women and children that the Jap's Machine gunned down in Indo China was just and right, Such as a full scale assult on Japan would mean killing more innocent Japanesse than those bombs.

    2. If noone tested them then we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    3. Yes they lead a great exsistance up on that frozen tundra.

    4. Yes and those Japs too.

    5. Yes if we had no nukes then they would or would they?

    6. America is as much as a threat to pease as a communist country where you would be jack booting with a AK-47 for the good of the country.

    Justice is hypocrisy and double standards it prevails all the time!

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    They are angry because they are afraid.

    Not just because NK has nuclear weapons but because for many years it looked like the spread of nukes had slowed & even stopped. Countries such as Brazil & Argentina have agreed that their collective security is degraded by the presence of nukes & joined each other in keeping the South American continent nuke free.

    Not only does NK have them now, but they got them, right out in the open, under the impotent (& incompetent) eye of the US & many other countries. If NK can get the nuclear bomb, why not Iran? Why not anyone who wants one? I am not asking rhetorically; at this point, whoever wants one can get it - NK has shown how it can be done. So it's another dangerous precedent of things to come.

    North Korea is percieved as a country with abyssmal poverty, extremely poor relations with its neighbors, very poor trade with anyone (not that they have much to trade anyway) & no tourism. In short, they have little to lose from the community of nations. When people have little to lose is when they are the most dangerous. And now they have missiles & a nuclear weapon.

    Sounds like plenty of cause for concern to me!

    Peace to all.

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    1. America used only two nuclear devices -- Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Anyone who claims that the US could secretly use any other nuclear device open air or underground without being detected immediately is a conspiracy theorist with no basis in reality. Iraq saw no use of nuclear devices, unless one wants to include the depleted uranium armor on some of the tanks.

    2. The big deal is that under the NPT (which North Korea withdrew from), testing was strictly forbidden. Even North Korea's strongest ally, China, told them in strict words NOT to conduct this test.

    3. North Korea hasn't been to war since the Korean War. North Korea's crimes are against humanity itself by forcing its people to live in squalor and under harsh oppression.

    4. America has not threatened North Korea since the korean war. The Six-Party talks have been very productive up until North Korea decided it wasn't getting enough media press and went of the deep end.

    5. America has proven itself responsible with its technology. After the horrors caused by our two, only uses, we know that we cannot launch a first strike. Further, nuclear technology must remain active so long as there are any groups who pursue it, as do North Korea and Iran.

    6. And yet the overwhelming majority of scholars and politicians still consider America to be the bastion of stability and security in the world, so your 'many' scholars and politicians are still an overwhelming minority.

    There can be no justice so long as Kim remains in charge of North Korea, because he will continue to starve and kill his own country for the sake of his paranoia.

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    Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. It says that those countries that have nukes can keep em, just drop the supply. And the countries that dont have em shouldnt get them. Iran is in the same boat as North Korea. They dont have em but they want em and the US and other nations are trying to keep them from developing them.

    I think one of the major concerns that the US has with N. Korea is that the technology is there to develop rockets that could reach the West and Midwest of the US. If that happens then the US just has another "well armed, nutcase government" to worry about

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    you first have to know the foreign relations nightmare that is the DPRK, diplomatically they are very dodgy

    North Korea has had a history of poor relations with neighboring countries. During the 1970s and 1980s, North Korea carried out abductions of citizens of Japan and South Korea. Although having since partly resolved the issue by admitting its role in the abductions, it remains a contentious issue with the two countries. In addition, the United States accuses North Korea of counterfeiting large numbers of high quality U.S. bills. However, South Korea has maintained a Sunshine policy towards North Korea since the 1990s, stressing re-unification and thus often going to great lengths to avoid antagonizing the leadership of the country.

    Since the late 1980s, North Korea's nuclear program has become the most pressing issue in international affairs. After allegations from the United States about the continued existence of a military nuclear program in defiance of the 1994 Agreed Framework, North Korea admitted to the existence of uranium enrichment activities and withdrew from the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty on January 10, 2003. After insisting on bilateral negotiations with the United States, it agreed to six-party talks between itself, the United States, South Korea, China, Russia, and Japan in August 2003. The talks continued for two years until an agreement was reached on September 19, 2005, though it began to fall apart almost immediately.


    Historically, North Korea has committed several terrorist acts, the last being the in-flight bombing of KAL 858 in 1987. The country has made several statements condemning terrorism. Most recently, on October 6, 2000, the U.S. and North Korea issued a Joint Statement in which "the two sides agreed that international terrorism poses an unacceptable threat to global security and peace, and that terrorism should be opposed in all its forms." The US and North Korea agreed to support international anti-terrorism legislation and combat international terrorism. Pyongyang continues to provide sanctuary to members of the Japanese Communist League-Red Army Faction who participated in the hijacking of a Japan Airlines flight to North Korea in 1970. Relations with Japan have also long been strained by the abduction of Japanese students during the 1970s and 1980s for intelligence purposes.

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    Wow long question.

    First off, more counties with nukes, the less power the USA has over other nations.

    Plus we were about to bomb Iran, now North Korea threw a wrech into that plan.

    Our leaders are scared of North Korea, and their were hoping the issue would go away. Remember the first reason why we went into Iraq, WMD. Knowing along North Korea was developing them, being scared as they are they attacked an easier target. Turned out not to that easy of target, but than we didn't have a plan, did we.

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    Western countries fear N.Korea. They fear that their thought process will be irrational, and/or be coherced into using a nuclear weapon, by another faction, in order to further unstabilize world relations. America used a nuke twice. Nobody wants to see it again. But, now that Iran has the technology and is well infiltrated by terrorist groups, the fear the world has is that the more politically controversial countries, that have the Bomb, the more chances that the Bomb can be sold or stolen. Then there will be people unafraid of using it. And here comes WWIII. Just watch this little, tiny..almost insignificant piece of land.....Israel. It will start there. That blows my mind. A country the size of our smallest state will probably be involved in world destruction.

    Source(s): And, being a true blooded american, I can say this, because of living in europe for 5 years, that the USA is a bully. We are no better than others and worse than some. I still am a patriot, though. I just got to see my country through socialist and communist eyes. It isn't all disinformation....I saw more coming from the U.S. than from over there. Deniable Plausibility.....should be our motto.
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    I understand your question, but America is the best, not a criminal. Israel isn't either.

    I think America is just afraid that N Korea will try to take back south korea.

    I really think China and Russia should deal with Korea, but someone has to help the S Korean people.

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    Because NK would not have any issues with selling that technology. It could lead to spread of nuclear weapons all over the planet and lots of dirty bombs.

    There's no doubt you are a Muslim full of the mindless propoganda your governements have filled you with to make you ignore the problems in your own countries. You really think it is OK to side with North Korea? Isn't it time to pray? Or lunch? I am sure you are not fasting now.

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