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How can you tell if a shy guy likes you?

I feel that he is interested, because he looks at me a lot. Stares a lot, etc. But, when I try starting a conversation, he acts nervous.

He talks to his friends at work, and pretty much everyone else, but acts weird around me. And he seems like a shy type.

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    How to tell if he likes you

    (and if he's flirting with you in his special own guy-way).

    A lot depends on the type of guy and his individual personality.

    Shy Guys

    These are tough to crack sometimes...

    He'll look at you, until you turn around, then boom, he's looking the other way.

    You may 'feel' like he's watching you - but he's hard to catch at it

    He may do something physical - like grab you in a play way, poke you, play with your hair...

    (Remember when you were really young and the guy you liked punched you or tackled you?)

    He may be working really hard to pay attention to you, but doesn't quite know how...

    He may ask a friend of yours about you - he'll say it's just for "friend of mine" that wants to know about you.

    He talks to everybody else - but when you're around he turns silent, or chokes up.

    You seem to accidentally bump into him a lot of different places.

    He may not say a word to you, but he shows up in the same line, at the same movie, etc.

    He'll give you a little smile from across the room, but if you get near, he won't look up.

    Basically - the BIG clue is that his behavior changes when you're around (compared to when he's around his buds or other girls).

    DEAD Giveaway - when you talk to him he turns red.

    (Bingo - you can pack that puppy up and take him home...)

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    Most shy guys are only shy when it comes to women. If he acts nervous around you that just means he probably likes you. Find something in common with him and get to know him and maybe things can go from there or if you know he likes you, you could always ask him out.

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    Even if he is shy, he still has a personality. When your around him, watch his facial expressions. Even if you are just offering him a cupcake, try to be around him as much as possible. I know your shy but just try to have a conversation with him. But don't get obsessed. (Don't hover around him 24/7...especially if he's shy.) Break out of your shy bubble. Hope this helps:) P.s.- I used to be really shy, too. I broke that habit, and now I am a social butterfly. Lol

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    Im a shy guy. Ill tell you if i like a girl id smile at her. Compliment her. Treat her well for a long time. But of flirting maybe. Then id just tell her i like her.

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    1 decade ago

    Sounds to me like he might. Seems like being around you makes him nervous and he does not know how to act. You could always ask him out for a drink after work sometime or maybe to do lunch if you want to try something a little less direct. See what happens.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im normally pretty shy and stuff unless im with my friends and he sounds basically the same so you should try and find a way to get to know him better if you want to find out then hed feel more comfortable talking to you. just an idea

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    4 years ago

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    he sure is shy.. and i guess if u want like him or sumthing.. try to make him comfortable as in the sense talking (gerenal talkin) with him so he feels gud and he will automatically say woteva he will have in his mind :o)... tried and tested.. coz they same problem is wif me .. hehehe

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    its obvious he likes you...

    i like a shy guy too and he always stares and asks people stuff about me just go for it!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A shy guy wont approach you, just approach him and test him flirt alot and make him open up..

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