Analyse Microsoft Visual Source Safe?

Hi there!

Can any one tell me how i analyse Microsoft Visual Source Safe

SCM tool and describe how it implements the mechanics of version control and change control.???????????????

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  • Lisa A
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    1 decade ago
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    Ummm..... badly? But that's not the answer you are looking for, is it?

    Are you asking about the analyze tool, analyze.exe? You need to run analyze.exe on your VSS database once a week at the minimum. It will lock up the database for the duration of its run, and if you are lucky, it will un-corrupt the database. It's really important that you run analyze often, because if the database gets too corrupted, even analyze.exe won't be able to fix it. Analyze.exe will just hang. Your database will be off line for as long as analyze.exe is hung.

    VSS uses a flat file system, with no actual database. The files are the database. You not only have to give your users a VSS account and password, but you have to give their domain account full write permissions on the entire database! That means with one slip of the mouse, your entire database can be wiped out. So back up often. Once a day at a minimum.

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