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What does aiai mean?

i have to wright a critical analysis of Ajax and i want to know what aiai means.

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  • JJ
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    Greek for lament.

  • zlevad
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    The name Ajax was Aias (Αιας) in the original Greek. Aiai (αιαι) is an exclamation of grief which we might translate by the old-fashioned phrase "woe is me" or "woe!" Ajax suggests his name is linked to that word. In the text Ajax also used the word aiazein (αιαζειν) "to wail" or "to cry aiai".

    In English it's like calamity befalling "Calamity Jane".

    Source(s): Greek - English Lexicon - Liddell & Scott Sophocles - Ajax 430 ff
  • gone
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    Click on the link below for lots of information

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