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Do you think Oprah will ever get married and why do you think she's not already married?

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    Nope...unfortunately; because "shacking up", whether you are one of the most powerful women (black or white) in America or not, is not a good look!

    I think it is due to LACK of spiritual background in the area of what marriage really is. Over the years in hearing her talk, Oprah has based alot of her personal opinions regarding marriage off of bad marriages in Hollywood (like Gails) of her friends and upbringing has alot to do with it too.

    NOT ONE TIME, in her many references to marriage, have I ever heard her mention the bible and what God says marriage is. And normally when she brings it up, it's in a "don't do it" or and "I told you not to" context. I will NEVER forget her saying "I told you not to marry" to Halle Berry during an interview! As much as I like Oprah, I was horrified!!!! Because, I thought that was an awful slant to put on a very troublesome divorce as it was, anndddd a rough comment to make to someone who is young and obviously makes bad choices in relationships; being "married" has nothing to do with people who do not need to be together in the 1st place! Marriage is not bad, PEOPLE make bad choices and have a lack of understanding about what it takes to make a marriage work! Anyway, on the same show Benjamin Brat (who is married) came out for his portion of the interview; this was when Catwoman was about to hit theaters, and at the end of the interview he asked if he could comment on their conversation from earlier and he turned and looked at Halle and told her, you can be in love and marry again, all things are possible with God, or something to that effect. And I was in awe! Halle's eyes filled with water, Oprah was speechless for the 1st time in the history of her show LOL and they went to a commercial.

    It was amazing to see a man address the issue of marriage and also, wonderful to see someone come on the show and have the courage of their convictions without taking on the emotions of Oprah, because she has EXTREME influence on people and is very opinionated!

    Bottom line, Oprah is not married, because she chooses not to be; her upbringing and some unfortunate experiences as a child and beyond with men, plays a part in her beliefs too I am sure. I personally think she is scared of marriage and that her sense of what marriage is, is very warped!

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    She's too independent and has very high expectation of a man. I'm pretty sure Stedman tried but along the way he fell short as her expectation grew. I doubt very much that she will ever get married. She has passed the phased when it held a lot of significance for her.

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    Why does she need to get married?? She has more friends and money than she can handle as it is !

    She seemslike an independent and strong woman trying to make a difference in teh world.

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    Some people wonder if she's gay.

    Others think it's a power issue...a one woman trip she's on.

    Personally, I've watched Oprah and I don't understand the appeal. She is a marvelous entertainer and a brilliant marketer of herself. Much like Madonna or Howard Stern just gentler and black.

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    I supopse she might if she finds the right man. I would imagine that when you are as rich as she is, it may be hard to find someone who is not just after your money. She is a really beautiful woman. Who knows, maybe she doesn't want to get married.

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    Stedman lives and has his business in North Carolina and she loves Chicago. I know they've talked about it many times, she's mentioned that on her show. She's 52 now and maybe it just works better for them to "visit" each other.

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    I guess things are working well for her and she may be afraid to jinx it, in her heart she and Steadman are married in their own way and she doesn't need a piece of paper to prove her love.

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    She might and she might now. Really, it's none of our business. We don't really know who those celebrities are...just what they show us on t.v. She may not be the nicest person in the world to get along with. Then again, it's really none of our concern. Thank you.

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    Thats personal.

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