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Applying to Architecture School?

I'm an undergraduate, my current school doesn't have arch. major, but does have engineering and urban studies. If I transfer and take more arch. classes at another to build up my portfolio, can I still apply to arch. school without an undergrad degree in architecture?

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    Yes, you can, but watch out. I took my first four years at a community college, trying to decide on a major, and accumulated over 100 hours and an associates degree. When I went for a bachelors degree in architecture, I was allowed to transfer all 100+ hours but only English, math and elective classes actually counted toward my BA. All the other classes counted as my elective classes but not toward my degree in any meaningful way. I was, however, allowed to enter the college in a transfer program which allowed me to condense the first two years of study into one. That is not a fun alternative, trust me. I suggest selecting an accredited (that's an important term, BTW) college of architecture and calling them to see about transferring hours toward a bachelors or masters degree in architecture. Each college is different. Some classes will usually be accepted, but I don't think you'll find a college that will count all toward your BA. In architecture, it usually takes five years to get a degree. Two years to get the basics, build up a portfolio and get accepted into the architectural program, and three years of learning the architectural field. Most people in the college I went to did not make it past the first two years and less than a third of those made it to graduation. It is a hard, but rewarding field. Look carefully at what each school will do for you and look carefully at the school's credentials. Good luck!

    Source(s): Licensed Architect with Bachelors degree +16 years experience
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    You can, however at most schools you will take an extra year of Masters work to get your degree if you did not switch from a pre-architecture bachlors.

    As you probably know, Architecture programs are very competive so work on grades as much as portfolio or else your portfolio won't get looked at.

    Most undergrad programs will not let you take many classes that would really help your portfolio unless you were in a B-Arch program which is 5 years at most schools (and a HEAVY 11 semesters at that.)

    For portfolio, I'd take urban design courses, art courses, CADD, and computer graphics programs. Most schools will assume that they will have to start from scratch if you don't have a architecture or design undergraduate. So build the skills you will need and show those. Don't underestimate the value of graphics skills in school, although once you graduate you won't need them.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): B-Arch, 8 years of working in the feild.
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