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Yahoo! daily answer limit: has anyone else reached it?

My day off: I devoted a spate of it to Yahoo! answers. (Some fun, some answers to serious questions where I could offer help in an area of some technical knowledge.) Toward the end, I knew an answer, and was about to give it when Yahoo! griped, you've reached your limit -- so I couldn't help the asker. Anyone else run into this problem?

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    yes, several times.

    just relax and if you want a higher limit just go a level up by answering and getting chosen for best answers

    all the best

  • Yes indeed, I think that happens to everyone because to get to certain levels one would have answered a lot of questions. I just started this week and it's frustrating to not be able to continue answering. But I do put interesting ones that I find after my limit in my WATCHLIST. If they have not closed it, that gives me an opportunity to answer later when my privileges are reset.

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    Did you basically answer a query with the aid of posting a query?? besides, it is not dumb. it relatively is to, properly, it relatively is Yahoo's way for unsolicited mail administration. the belief is that in case you get picked adequate as an astonishing answer you will flow up swifter, you will get to respond to greater, flow up even swifter and in the previous you already are conscious of it, you would be at point 7. They discern with the aid of then you've particularly a lot earned the wonderful of unfastened reign and self administration. a minimum of it fairly is the way I see it.

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    Yes , for each leve you only have so many answers that you can give. That has happened to me several times. Keep doing that though to make it up to level 7

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    I only ever ran into it once when I was on level 4. Obviously back then, I didn't answer as many questions as I do now!

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    Yep but you just have to keep coming back to raise your level. I'm working on it now.

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    ya, it makes me soooo mad, i spent like 20 min on a ? a few days ago and i get told that i cant answer any more ???? whats up with that???

  • Same thing happened to me. I was so mad!! The message came up and I was like "OMG !@#$!@#$!@#$!2341234123 [insert inappropriate language here]" :P

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    Yes I have but i guess they don't won't to many answeres from one person

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    no i am on level 7 so can help who i want,lol

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