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Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage?

Recently I have been getting heaps of messages saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Often times, I cannot open some of the windows using the "refresh" features over and over again. I am also getting a Japanese versions on many web sites, such as Spy Doctor, Boinc, and many others. According to Windows Defender I have a spyware but I could not get rid of it. According to my other anti spywares, such as CounterSpy, Spy Sweeper, Ad-Aware, and Spybot, I do not have any spywares in my laptop. So, what is the problem here and how can I fix it???


Just ran a complete spyware scan using Yahoo's Norton Spyware Scan. Spyware found 0. Seems to me only the Window Defender could detect this spyware, but none could fix it. Seriously thinking to re-install Windows, but unfortunately the re-install CDs are missing. Also thinking to install a different browser other than Internet Explorer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Update 2:

Also tried "system restore" function many many times, but it just is not working.

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    get a secure browser

    one of these









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    You can look for unwanted browser helper objects for Your IE with BHODemon 2.0 a free tool by:

    It could be a helper object from Japan or so.

    If is not a helper object?

    Most spyware and viruses infest autostart. You can check it e. g. with: Autoruns a free tool by Sysinternals

    Hint: there should not be many program exes in autostart ( autoruns calls that section "logon" ) that is not by Microsoft except Your firewall ( and a virus scanner if You machine is powerfull enough to run a guard all the time ).

    With that You could try to track down and eliminate spyware not known to Your dedicated spyware hunters.

    If You have located such an unwanted guest/exe.

    1.) Shut it down e.g. with:

    Process Explorer also free at Sysinternals:

    2.) Throw it out of autostart.

    If 1.) is not possible start with 2.) and boot down real fast ( for some You need to shut down energy to be fast enough ;-)

    I wish You success with getting rid of the pest.

    p. s. My idea of a browser You can control easier than IE.


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    I can give you a link that deals with the internet connection Many of the problems can be solved by making software changes or small hardware corrections. Detailed instructions at Try here if you can get what you wanted

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    ok seems like serious problem if counter spy cant find it.. did u update it? at this point hijackthis is the only option according to me.. plz scan with hijackthis nd post the log here..

    tke care

    go to and download the free toolbar it comes with norton antispyware free. install nd update the ntispyware nd scan

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    Try FireFox - it's quite excellent. I just installed IE7 and I get the error you described "every time" ... can't even browse the web with it.


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    its spyware, or malware try spybot search and destroy...or go system tools choose system restore and choose start my pc to earlier time...

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    I have the same problem, and my computer is brand new I cant restore it to an earlier time

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    use system restore and roll it back to a date before you were having problems.

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