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Sony Trinitron TV?

just swithched my tv on ( last used about 3 hours ago) It was on standby mode so I used the remote to switch it on. It made its usual light 'thud' noise and sound was present b4 any picture came on, then it made a short crackle noise & went off altogether. Now the standby button is pulsing, 2 flashes & a pause & repeating. Tried switching oo/off manually but nothing is happening. Anyone out there got any ideas on whats wrong or if its terminally gone. I bought the set brand new about 4 years ago thinking that buying a Sony I could expect a good few years out of it without any problems,tho this is the first time its gone wrong I'm a bit miffed

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    Unplug it from the mains for at least ten minutes and then try again. You might be lucky! If not, contact your nearest Sony Centre

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    The flashing standby light indicates that the power supply is tripping due to an overload in the set, the "crackle" was probably a line output transformer failure or a fault condition which has occurred in that area of the set. Sony TVs do go wrong sometimes but in the main they are still one of the better brands for reliability.

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    The line output transformer is gone.This creates the high voltage necessary to energise the tube.The flashing led is a diagnostic signal an engineer will understand.Nothing you did caused the problem it simply just failed.

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    i sounds pretty bad, ihope its not the tube. trinitrons were great tvs but any brand has problems,i dont know if it is worth fixing, dont spent to much on some one looking at it. if it is 4 years old. then you might want to consider investing in a new hdtv.

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    I have never heard of a Sony Trinitron TV breaking down before!! I have one too, had no trouble, i would say its something simple, get it checked out!

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    ok, you need engineer im afraid, pulsing led is usualy signs of power supply tripping out, could be anything from transformer to thermistor or even just dry joint at 4 years its worth an estimate

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    try disconnecting the power cord for about five minutes

    and then plug back in then turn tv on let me know if that works

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    as above

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