Christians; Honour to whom honour; Romans 13:7. How do you show honor to honor is due?

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    Yes, How to show honour to whom honour is due. Good question.

    Speaking, Giving, Attitude toward others

    For example:

    1. In our speaking: speaking respectfully to those who hold office

    2. Giving honor to God by attending church and giving our tithes

    3. Giving honor to our parents by caring for their needs and keeping a proper attitude toward them

    4. Honoring our Police by a respectful attitude

    5. Submitting ourselves one to another in the fear of God

  • papa G
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    when faced with a question or a decision, we should first reflect on Bible principles that may apply. Some of these may be: respect for headship (Colossians 3:18, 20); honesty in all things (Hebrews 13:18); hatred of what is bad (Psalm 97:10); pursuing peace (Romans 14:19); obedience to established authorities (Matthew 22:21; Romans 13:1-7); exclusive devotion to God (Matthew 4:10); being no part of the world (John 17:14); avoiding bad associations (1 Corinthians 15:33); modesty in dress and grooming (1 Timothy 2:9, 10); and not causing others to stumble (Philippians 1:10). Identifying the relevant Bible principle can thus strengthen our conscience and help us make the right decision.

    Christians show respect and honor to people in authority. Still, they have no need to apologize for their obedience to God and for their love for their brothers.—Matthew 28:19, 20; Romans 13:5-7.

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    Linda nailed it on the head. My example is that I still dutifully pay taxes even though the money is spent in non-biblical things (like abortions and the teaching of evolution). I honor those people that the Lord has appointed over me.

  • lizie
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    the bible says weird stuff ok.

    if we try to understand, we'll go crazy

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