Is there a way to sue them spammers that send you spam mail????

gettin' sick of making requests to have my email taken off of lists everywhere...whenever I get spam, I don't normally open the messages....but they sure pile up easily and I'm finding that I'm still getting mailings from those that I know I "unsubscribed" from...Isn't this some kind of Harrassment?


I've found that the mailings come from all over the world...I have Outlook/spam filtering by good there. But when I go to a web mail server to get mail...that's where I'm getting the hits...I selected the spam filter options to send to the Bulk, Spam or the JUNK folder but I'm finding that I've gotten messages from idiots that were nice enough to send an unsubscribe confirmation to my address...I saved those messages and saved the newer messages that come from those sources...still harrassment isn't it?

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    First off, don't unsubscribe you are just giving them proof that your email address is real. They will continue to spam you even more. If you sign up at a website (like a newsletter or other website), you are bound to get more spam advertising.

    Depending on what email you have, you can add them to a blocked senders list or turn on a junk email filter that can delete them as they arrive or move them to a spam folder so you can gaze through them to see if there are any legit emails.

    You can't really sue these spammers because there is no way to track them down. Most use email address that are spoofs of others and most of the email addresses don't exist.

    Unfortunately, spamming has become common practice like sending viruses, etc on the internet. If you work for a company, you have to understand they don't blocked every kind of spam because there is only so much filters can do. You'd be amazing on how much spam is blocked from your email.

    Yes, it is harrassment. You are not alone, but I've gotten used to it. If you use a free account on the web for mail, you can always get another one.

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    Never click the "Unsubscribe Link" in any e-mail. This will only confirm to the spammers that your e-mail address is indeed real and that you are reading their garbage. In fact, do not even open any e-mail from anybody you don't know or trust. Many spams are not only annoying but contain viruses of other malware. Just delete 'em without opening 'em!.

    You can however click that "Unsubscribe Me" button from businesses that are well known and that you trust. Walmart... yes. Someone selling

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    Don't we all wish that, Don't unsubscribe and don't open just delete. When you open and unsubscribe it becomes a gateway for more spam by acknowledging that your address is legitimate. Peace!

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    Nope... sorry. I know, it stinks, but there isn't much to do but delete them WITHOUT responding. When you respond, even to ask them to unsubscribe you, you're just validating your email address for them. I mean, think about it - if they're sleazy enough to send you unsolicited mail, what would make them keep to their word to unsubscribe you?

    Good luck!

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    Where are the messages from? If they're from this country, you *might* have a slight chance if you can prove that you have made it abundantly clear that you don't want spam AND that the message you don't want qualifies as spam.

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    i don't think so, BUT there is a way to block them forever ya know. if you have windows xp. go to control panel and click security. and enable your pop-up blockers . and then go to your main toolbar like yahoo and enable your spamblockers. or if you have comcast go to your toolbar and enable your e-mail spamblocker. it all depends on who your ip provider is. they all have this feature. goodluck.

    Source(s): been there done that. but start with windows , thats your first stop. ok. it's provided with your computer not your ip.
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