When Science Proved The Bible Was False, Because of The Earth Being Round....?

..& not flat as all religions taught. ..the question is.. how many hundreds of years did it take for science too prove religion wrong? Who were the main individuals that were killed, or maimed, or railroaded, etc. before science convinced everyone the bible was wrong? anyone know???

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    come on. you know that the earth started out flat. it was flat when the bible was written. God changed the shape of the earth so the christian Christopher Columbus wouldn't fall off the end when he was trying to spread the gospel to the heathens of north and south america.

    lol I bet you never heard that one before!

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    When the world was proven to be round, it did call in question the religious text that stated the world was flat. As that is nowhere stated in the Bible, it has nothing to do with the reality of the Bible.

    The Bible also does not state explicitly that the world was a sphere (please note that it is not "round" as you stated). So the Christian religion would have nothing to tell people the world was NOT flat. (Whether the world is flat or not in no way affects the Christian faith, so it is not mentioned in the Bible.) So at the time when a "flat earth" was everyone was taught in school, the Christians believed it.

    Please note that there is not a single historical case of a person being "killed, maimed or railroaded" for believing the world was NOT flat. The one famous case in which a person (Galileo) was tried, was not over the issue of a "flat earth".

    Galileo lived AFTER the time of Columbus, AFTER the world had been sailed all the way around hundreds of times, and was still alive twenty years beyond the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock. Everyone knew the world was round.

    Galileo was tried for publishing a paper in which he argued that his discovery that the earth revolved around the sun was conclusive proof the Bible was false. Read his paper sometime. It runs 130 sentences. Fourteen of those mention his discovery. The other 116 sentences trying to disprove God and the Bible.

    The role of science is to study and explain natural law. When it crosses over into attacking religion, it needs to be challenged every single time. They need to stick to the FACTS, and stop showing their intolerance, bigotry and narrow mindedness ignorance by attacking religion when it has nothing to do with their discoveries.

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    Wrong, Sway, the Bible says nothing about a spherical Earth. There is some verse about God sitting upon "the circle of the earth," but a circle is not a sphere. Ancient man believed the world was a disc and the sky was a giant, solid dome overhead, with the sun, moon, stars, and other heavenly bodies attached to it. They believed God could move these bodies about at will, which is why the Bible has a myth about the sun and moon standing still. They also believed that rain water was held in a reservoir somewhere above the dome and when it rained, it was because God was opening windows or doors to let out the water. In Genesis, you can even read about the "floodgates of heaven" being opened to cause a great flood. Does any of this sound scientific to you? To me, it sounds like exactly the sort of ideas primitive humans would invent because they DIDN'T have science.

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    "When Science Proved The Bible Was False" ... hasn't happened yet!

    "not flat as all religions taught" ... perhaps religion taught it, but the Bible did not.

    "how many hundreds of years did it take for science too prove religion wrong?" ... again, it has yet to prove the Bible wrong. Religions are the construct of man, therefore are fallible, but the Bible is always right :)

    "Who were the main individuals that were killed, or maimed, or railroaded, etc. before science convinced everyone the bible was wrong?" ... Science has never convinced EVERYONE the Bible was wrong; I believe in it still as do the millions of other people who are Christians.

    You've made many many false statements in your attempt to prove something that is incorrect. Is this your idea of a scientific method?

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    First of all , science never proved the Bible was false because most of science are theories and barely any facts.Second, not all religions thought the world was flat.Third, science didnt convince everyone the Bible was wrong.Maybe it just convinced you.Check out Quantum Physics-Beyond the Quantum it is science and it states the belief in a God.

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    1 decade ago

    Many people still believe the bible is right despite the number of things that have been proven wrong in it.

    There are probably alot of people that we don't even know about that the religious killed for their science but the most famous that comes to mind is Galileo Galilei.

    Btw, religious people, Psalms 93:1; 96:10; 104:5, 1Chronicles 16:30 and Ecclesiastes 1:4,5

    Guess where it claims the earth is flat and the center of the universe. Those are the bible passages used against Galileo during his prosecution.

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    A: The fact that the earth was round was found hundreds of years before the Bible was ever put to papyrus.

    B: The Bible, in fact, states that the earth is round.

    C: Get off your intolerant @ss and go pick up the book you claim to be false. Crack it open. Read it. You may surprise yourself.

    I'm not Christian, but I don't appreciate it at all when people bash religion that they know nothing about.

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    This has nothing to do with the Bible, but I know that everybody in the USA believes that the world is flat. How do I know this? Because over and over I hear that people from the "Four Corners of the Earth" come to America to find Liberty

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    big difference between religion and Christianity. Christianity is not religion. It is Truth. The religionists always have and always will kill and maim for the sake of their religion. Christians, wise ones anyway, don't do that and don't support religionists. This is not "semantics"

    The religionists murdered Christ. Why? Because they were religionists, not believers but those who use the Truth to hold sway over those who believe but trust in man's religious organizations.

    The bible has been misrepresented deliberately by murderers for thousands of years. And still is to this day. unbelievers look in horror aand reject the bible because of man's lust for power.

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    in the bible it never said that the world was flat only history of people thought it was an one thing that is true on the bible and science say it is true that God made a female with a guy rib because guys have one less rib then females

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    Circles of the earth!

    Isaiah 40:22

    22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

    Job 26:10

    10 He hath encompassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end.

    Proverbs 8:27

    27 When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:

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