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Does the topic of Unicorns in theBible prove that the bible is a fairy tale?

I emphatically say NO.,

in every verse i found a link to the word unicorn, i found a symbolic usage, to teach a lesson in righteousness. NOT that unicorns are true or false, there a billions and trillions of planets out there that have life, God couldve created a unicorn ANYTIME and ANYPLACE he sees fit. but the mtyhology of a unicorn does not meant the bible is a fairy tale, it only means a person wrote about the topic of unicorn to teach a lesson.

are there any disagreements or any insights that can be shared to prove or disprove this?


So if mistranslation from the word reem are true, it would probe like Rev22:18,19 that translators can change the words of God that it cannot reamain perfect, if this were not true than why would God punish anyone for changing it.

Update 2:

KNOW this also, I bear witness of Jesus christ. An angel appeared in my Room and I was in manner able to imagine such a thing could happen, after all i had just started reading the bible and my mother is an athiest.

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    The word used in the Bible for “Unicorn” is the Hebrew word r@'em {reh-ame'} or r@'eym {reh-ame'} which is interpreted as “A wild animal fierce and untamed, resembling an ox”. The Blue Letter Bible web sight states that the unicorn referred to in the Bible is “probably the great aurochs or wild bulls which are now extinct. The exact meaning is not known.” Some Bible scholars believe it could be a reference to the Rhinoceros. After all, the word unicorn means ‘one horn’. I have found nothing in the Bible, which would indicate that the word Unicorn is meant to indicate a snow white horse with a spiral horn coming out of the front of his head (and a flowing rainbow under his feet skipping through fields of flowers leaving a comet trail of colorful sparkles behind him) which is what we think of when we hear the word unicorn. So, NO, the Bible is not a fairy tale!J. One example of the great accuracy and reliability of the Bible is found in Isaiah 40:22 where it says that God “sitteth upon the circle of the earth…”. Now the book of Isaiah was written many, many, years before scientist believed and knew the earth was round! So how did the Bible state that God “sitteth upon the circle of the earth? That’s’ easy, the Holy Spirit of God inspired the authors of the Bible to write what they wrote and that is why we can trust the Bible to be true. The Bible stated the earth was a “circle” and eventually science caught up with the Bible. Man may not always understand what the bible is saying, but in the end the bible will stand as true.

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    The unicorn is also mentioned in Deuteronomy 33:17, Numbers 23:22 and 24:8; Psalm 22:21, 29:6 and 92:10; and Isaiah 34:7. Nowhere in these passages is there any suggestion that anything other than a real animal is being described.

    the meaning of unicorn has changed over the years they are now referred to as rhinoceros

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    some people believe that this could have possibly been an ox. I am unsure. But it is possible that the unicorn did in fact exist. There are other creatures listed in the bible such as the Leviathan and the Behemoth that may seem mythical that may or may not have existed. Only used as a reference to teach or prove a point.

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    The references to unicorns are few and vague, lacking any real description of the "unicorns". Perhaps unicorns were real at one time. Or perhaps the unicorn references refer to the rhinoceros, which at one time was considered a unicorn. Not very fairy-tale idyllic, but true. Ever see a picture of the Eastern unicorn called the Karkadann? Bears a suspicious resemblance to a rhino. But they were at one time called unicorns.

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    There is only one thing that can "prove" that the Bible is a fairy tale -- your own desire to have it be so. You can find just about anything you want in the Bible (especially if you are willing to take verses out of context and with all the various translations). What makes the Bible special is not what you can prove about it. What makes the Bible special is who it can introduce you to.

  • "The Hebrew word represented in the King James Version by “unicorn” is re’em, which undoubtedly refers to the wild ox (urus or aurochs) ancestral to the domesticated cattle of today. The re’em still flourished in early historical times and a few existed into modern times, although it is now extinct. It was a dangerous creature of great strength and was similar in form and temperament to the Asian buffaloes."

    "The Revised Standard Version translates re’em as 'wild ox.' The verse in Numbers is translated as “they have as it were the horns of the wild ox,” while the one in Job is translated “Is the wild ox willing to serve you?” The Anchor Bible translates the verse in Job as “Will the buffalo deign to serve you?”

    The wild ox was a favorite prey of the hunt-loving Assyrian monarchs (the animal was called rumu in Assyrian, essentially the same word as re’em) and was displayed in their large bas-reliefs. Here the wild ox was invariably shown in profile and only one horn was visible. One can well imagine that the animal represented in this fashion would come to be called “one-horn” as a familiar nickname, much as we might refer to “longhorn” in speaking of a certain breed of cattle.

    Revelation only refers to Revelation, not the entire Bible. Your assuming all the books had been canonized when that was written.

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    Of course not God created many animals thats don't exist today like dragons/dinosaurs the bible says that it's true so it is. they have just become extinct before we were able to see them. people say dragons are only in fairy tales but you can clearly see that God created them in Job chapter 15 (i think) also i forget what date it was, but the word dragon was changed to dinosaur, so if these "fairy tale" creatures exist in the bible do you think you can believe unicorns did to?

    sorry it's Job 40 describes the behemoth and the laviathon

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    I have never seen the word unicorn anywhere in the bible. The bible is like a really old history book. it is really cool and teaches great things. Maybe there are unicorns somewhere in this universe though.

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    The wild bull was one of the most powerful animals known to the Israelites. The Hebrew word for this animal, reem, is mistranslated in the King James Version Bible as “unicorn”; but the reem was no one-horned mythological beast. It had two horns, “the horns of a wild bull.” (Deut. 33:17)

    The Bible is not a book of fairy tales.

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    If the Bible is a fairy tale then God is a lie and we are all going to die in our sins!

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