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My dog vet appointment?

My dogs has a vet appointment in 5 days. He is getting more and more sick. He is sneezing alot ( he was sneezing blood a few days ago but stopped). His nose is dry and cracked, also his paw pads are flaking. He drools alot and his eyes water ( he constantly has eye boogers). He is licking his paws and grunts every time he sits or lays down. Should i reschedual his appointment to be sooner or do you think he can wait until wensday?


He is a 5 yearold Labrador Retrever

He is drinking more often and using the bathroom more often

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    If he were my dog, I would certainly try to get him in sooner than next Wednesday. The dry weather could be the culprit for his flaking nose and pads, also the bloody sneezes. Depending on his breed and age, some dogs do develop conditions like cushings disease that cause similar symptoms. The thing that worries me is the grunting. He could be suffering from an abdominal tumor that is pressing against his diaphragm - the muscle that supports his lungs. There are a lot of details missing from your post like:

    1.) How is his appetite? Is he drinking more than normal?

    2.) How are his bathroom habits? Does he have blood in his urine? Are his stools formed? Is he asking to go to the bathroom more frequently?

    3.) Is there any coughing associated with the sneezing?

    4.) Is he showing signs of pain when you feel his belly? Does his belly look distended - hanging lower to the ground, like he swallowed a basketball?

    These things can all be signs of underlying problems. I would definitely see if you can get him into the vet sooner than later.

    (I've been a vet tech for 7 years, so I know what to look for)

    Good luck!

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    No. Only take the dog who has the appt. Dogs are not people and your other dog will still get nervous even though the other dog is there. I used to have 2 dogs and would schedule appts for both at the same time. The "friendly" dog was her typical self while the "nervous" dog was still nervous. It is much easier to handle one dog at a time and you should not take a dog to a vet's office unless you need to because (like people) dogs can pick up illnesses from other dogs in the vet's office.

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    I would if possible take him into an emergency hospital, if he's sneezing up blood there could be a serious problem that might not beable to wait. I know this can be expensive, but if you can't get into the vet asap I'd do it if money isn't a problem.

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    Im so sorry you have to go through this, if it was my dog i would be having a panic attack, im sure whatever it is can be fixed but you must get your dog to the vet immedietly. Call tell them your symptoms and ask for an emergency visit.

    Hope This Helps Ashiiex

    P.S i understand how you feel.

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    I think you should call your Vet immediately and explain the situation to him. More than likely he would want you to bring him in right away - just tell them that his condition seems very much worse and should be seen ASAP. Usually they are very accomodating when they know that it could be an emergency. Just be firm that you want him seen soon.

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    RESCHEDULE! It sounds like hes got an upper respiratory infection that could lead to kennel cough or pneumonia... So dont wait around, get to the vet ASAP!!

    Source(s): Previous Vet Assistant
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    Call and explain to your vet that your dog is ill and cant wait. Describe whats wrong with him. They will probably tell you to bring him in right away. If not, find a new vet.

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    The first thing I would do is get to the vet as fast as you can, this may be signs of normal Dog/ animal flu, but that doesn't mean it couldn't get serious....So Hurry I hope he feels better soon I hate to see animals suffer...


    Source(s): Good Luck!!!!=)
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    Put Vaseline on his nose and paws, give him plenty of water. How old is he? Sounds like he has a chest infection and he'll probably be prescribed anti-biotics.

    Source(s): Dog handler 4yrs Dogs in my life since I was born now aged 24
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    SOONER. Ask them to get him in as soon as you can. Waiting will just allow things to get much worse. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck.

    Source(s): work at a vet clinic
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