Help i need help with my car, peugeot 106 quiksilver .?


i own this car, and as u can see it is very low and has large 18" wheels. the car has been lowerd at the front to spax 50mm springs and the back has the tortion bar adjusted.

The wheel archs & fuel pipe line have been modified to cope with the large wheels, the car is drivable believe it or not.

what i want to know is how much would it cost to re-higher the car back to the orignal springs and tortion bar back up to where it was.

i am keeping the wheels on the car soo getting small wheels is out of the option, anyways even if i go get smaller wheels i will still need to re-higher the car cuz with smaller wheels means the car will be even lower to the ground right?



if i pay you could you do it for me?

lol garden comment funni. :P

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  • 1 decade ago
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    nice car shame about the garden

    any way it will cost about 250 pouds or there abouts for the struts and springs plus labour ,

    to them is about an hour per side then an hour to do the rear tortion bar, hope this helps

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