who wrote the book of Genesis in the bible?

there is 66 books and i am wondering who wrote Genesis 65 were written by jews and i am looking for the other

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    That is such a good question. Modern scholars believe that there are several sources for the book of Genesis. After the Babylonian captivity, Ezra collected the scrolls and edited them. The idea that Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible is based on tradition, not what the Bible itself says.

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    Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible which includes Genesis. He also wrote some Psalms. The Books that you are referring to is Luke and Acts ALL the Books of the Bible were written by men who were inspired by the Holy Ghost, which means that the Bible was written by God, Himself.

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    God, speaking through Moses, wrote Genesis.

    I think the only non-Jewish Biblical author was Luke.

    But Luke wrote two books, Luke and Acts. [by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of course]

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    The first few books were verbal stories passed down and eventually written into the Torah scrolls.

    The oldest known date back around to the year 1,000 BC.

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    Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus were all written by Moses. He may have written a couple more, I'm not sure.

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    Moses. He wrote the first three books, I think.

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    Moses wrote Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. (Sing it with me now...)

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    Moses. If I remember right he wrote the first five books, which I think is referred to as the Pentateuch.

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    I've wondered this as well, just like I find it funny Jewish people write much of the bible, and yet christians still berrate them.

    Seyla, hope someone can actually help you with this, unlike me.

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