How is the housing market in Murray Bridge, SA?

What is the average house sale price? How long is the average house on the market? Are there any new industries in town drawing new residents? Can buyers negotiate cost? Are there any buyers agents in Murray Bridge?

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    without searching and only using my knowledge of rural SA - nothing is happening in Murray Bridge to draw in new residents. The river area is costly and owned by many whom live in the city. Murray Bridge is a mixed kind of town - many problems locally - it is a tough town to live or work in. Teachers find it hard! You can always negotiate costs when buying and you will find real estates (agents) in town or in Adelaide (who service Murray Bridge)

    It is a cool place to own a shack or go water skiing. It has good food outlets etc and it is in great proximity to the city.

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    House For Sale Murray Bridge

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    I am sorry but I must have missed some thing, SA? Is this San Antonio TX or is the South America, or maybe even South Africa. I can help you out if we are talking about San Antonio TX.

    Additional note; I just got to thinking that you might be talking about Murry Bridge South Australia Type into your search bar

    Murray Bridge South, South East, SA Real Estate@

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