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Who do you feel is the bigger threat at this stage?Iran or North Korea?

Given the fact that N.Korea has already tested a nuclear weapon and Iran is only in phase one.

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    None of them, actually.

    Both Iran and North Korea are countries surrounded by enemies and with little to gain by attacking anyone.

    These countries want nuclear weapons mainly as "self defence weapon", as acordning to the MAD doctrine; If someone attacks them, they are risking a nuclear counterattack.

    Iran might, or might not, try to develop a nuclear weapon; Two of its hereditary enemies, Pakistan and Israel, already has nuclear weapons, so they would have a pretty good excuse.

    North Korea has the bomb, but no way of using it without being annihilated by the US or even China.

    I'm quite sure WW III will have both Iran and North Korea cheering from the sideline.

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    1 decade ago

    Iran without a doubt. North Korea can be controlled by China but Iran can't be controlled by any other nation. Also Iran is run by religious fanatics and that is always a dangerous situation.

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    1 decade ago

    Iran is the bigger threat..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    george bush

    did u kno the government is planning for our planets death?

    they want 2 either build an underground city or on mars, they r also hoping more people die (like off tobacco, desise, etc.), and there for not really helping major plroblems such as our enviorment, obesity, smoking, drugs, etc. the ones who do are those intrest groups (I'm an eviormentalist, & kno 1st hand what the gov. does an dosn't do 2 help).

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  • Illegal immigrants from all over! These countries have their soldiers stationed in the USA and until and unless we get our borders under control and these illegal immigrants removed and/or incarcerated, we don't need to worry about either Iran or North Korea. Do you know how many illegal immigrants we have from each of these two countries?

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    Iran simply because they aren't backing down, they are infesting Iraq and they are terrorizing other countries, not just ours.

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    Both are a threat.

  • 1 decade ago

    N.Korea, but I think we should leave them both the f**k alone.

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    ofcourse us

    us have used it once(japan)

    north corea tested it


    iran is a peaceful country

  • 1 decade ago

    neither are threats!...thier first attack would be thier last!...why do we care... let's slove some problems at home

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