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What are good things about gambling and what are bad things.?

Can you give me the pros and cons of gambling.

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    you can win money

    you can meet people at a casino

    you can get comp points for room and food etc

    you can have "gaming entertainment"

    you kill time


    you can lose all your money that you ever made in your lifetime

    you can commit suicide

    you can be hated by your family

    you can become very depressed

    you can be having bad credit

    you can be a liar

    you can be not caring about yourself with no sleep and lack of diet and exercise

    see how the odds are stacked against you

    Source(s): i moved to buffalo ny and in my first year i did ok in gambling but i've heard about suicides related to gambling....i've seen people spend 5k to 25k in one night.....i've seen people that bet and not care about their money.....the world is an idiots parade and many of those idiots go to the casino
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    1 decade ago

    I can see no pros unless you win a lot of money and stop gambling (or gamble once a year, lol).

    Pros are all the rest: you go back to gambling because you believe you'll be able to get back what you've lost and more - and no, in the end you'll always lose even if you happen to win at times, it becomes addictive, you have to hide it from the people you know because nobody can understand it and in thee end you'll be facing financial problems and be unable to save for good things such as vacations or necessary things such as shoes or that something that has happened out of the blue such as a window that broke or a washing machine that stopped working... I think you understand me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Gambling can be fun not knowing whats going to happen but it becomes bad if you lose way more then you win and don't have those extra funds available.

    So in my opinion it's a better every once and awhile thing that you save for so you don't get addicted and lose it all.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    *u can become a profesional gambler

    *win money


    *u lose money

    *can get out of control

    *u can spend too much money than intended to

    *u become adictted to gambling

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well some of the pros are, you win money......Cons are lose money and then you want to go back because you want to get your money back, then you end up losing again and again and then it becomes addictive for some people because you end up winning again

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pros- you could win money, you have fun, you meet interesting people at casinos, you learn new strategies.

    Cons- it can become addicting, you have to be able to stop yourself, you can lose a lot of money, some lose all of their savings.

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