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Egyptian in love with Turkish girl - HELP!!!?

I really need peoples opinion on this, especially egyptians. For the last two years i've been seeing this beautiful girl and i really love her and we would like to get married. The only problem is that my parents have always wanted me to marry a egyptian girl and she's turkish!! People keep telling me it wouldn't work out and it would be much easier to just find a girl from the same background because she doesn't know arabic etc, but in my opinion egyptian and turkish culture is VERY similar and anyway the fact that shes turkish attracts me to her even more. But the biggest thing is that she's Shia and i'm Sunni although this has never been a problem so far and we both respect eachothers beliefs i don't think my family will accept this even though her family have accepted me. Should i be more realitic and just marry a egyptian girl so everybody can be happy or marry the girl of my dreams?

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    Sorry I'm not Egyptian, but I've always believe in love. Relationships no matter what the couples heritage is always takes work. Every couple will have fights and problems but I believe as long as you are honest with each other and always remember to talk to each other after all the yelling is done then things will work out. As far as your believes go different belifes in the same family is good it teaches everyone how simmilar actually are. If you love her marry her, hold on tight and don't let family opption stop you. It is your life and no one elses..... I hoped this helped good luck and much happiness to the both of you.

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    mate i know exactly how you feel because the same thing happened to a friend of mine, he's egyptian and fell in love with a turkish girl, we all couldn't understand why he just didn't go for a pretty egyptian girl UNTIL we met her!! She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I mean no offence i'm egyptian i think egyptian girls are hot but man turkish girls are just something else!! Especially the ones with kurdish blood. And i actually think the girl your talking about is a turkish-kurd if she's shia because pure turks are sunni.

    Anyway the point is that initially his parents were a bit wary as well but that all changed when they met her- turkish girls are notorious for being very charming- in the end everything turned out right, they had the wedding and shes actually 5 months pregant as we speak.

    So i'm sure your parents will accept her, but to accept her they have to meet her first!! And once they do i'm sure they will love her as much as you do.

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    who is getting married you or your family? I am egyptian and I know what you are talking about , but I would like to give you an advise, and I would like to ask you, how do you rate your relation with that girl with a scale from1-10 if it is below 8 don't marry her, but if you really think that she is the one, and she will be the mother that you want for your children, then there are no problems, and about your family , as all egyptian families, they will accept it after a while, sometimes before marriage your feelings will urge you to get married and that could change after marriage, so you are the main point here, it's a commitment , if you are ready and know for sure that this is your dream coming true? go ahead,on the other hand I don't recommend that you marry someone just to make the rest happy, because if you do so, then for sure you will make your wife and yourself miserable and it's not a game, it's a life long commitment, take care and may god open the right way to you. oh by the way make salat al estekhara

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    MARRY HER!! I agree with ismail, the girl your describing is a turkish-kurd if she is shia, in which case she is probably very very very beautiful, because turkish-kurds are famous for their beauty. Your parents should accept her if she makes you so happy, this is your future not theirs.

    In fact i can't understand why anybody wouldn't want to mary a turkish girl i'm definitely gonna mary a turkish girl myself because they are WAAAAAAAAAY more hot than any arab girl i've seen!! And if i can do it, you can do it. I know a lot of arabs be they egyptian or not, that are married to turkish women and they are very very happy ;)

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    Marry the girl of your dreams. This is YOUR life, not your parents'. They had their time to live their lives their own way and now it's your turn. Maybe in the past it was less accepted but now marrying someone of a differing culture is a very common thing. As for the fact that she doesn't know arabic. If that bothers your parents she can always learn. If you don't marry her you will regret it! Good luck!

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    Hakim ..... how can you guarantee that you will love the Egyptian your family wants you to marry.

    You example is similar to many in my family, and they are all doing great. Usually the Turkish Family are the side that says no .... !!! you should be very happy they said yes to you.

    I am sure you are a man enough to stand up for your own decisions ...our families were kind enough are very kind to raise us but this doesn't mean they own you.

    Shia or Sunna ? She is Muslim for Good sake !!!! I can hardly control my anger .....

    Make who happy ? your family ? is your family going to sleep at night next to your wife ? of this is you who will ??

    Will your family be happy if you were divorced from the Egyptian after having two kids for example ? do you think it is not possible because she is Egyptian ?? and if this possible with the Egyptian as much as the Turkish .... why not let you at least make your own Choice and live happy for at least happy for few years !!! instead of living un-happy with another one from day one .... and end result is the same ?!!!!!!

    Man ...... man are a maaaaaaaan .... do not give this up.

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    I am an Egyptian girl. See i have two opinions the first thing u should made sure that she really loves u and can do everything u want and also u should make sure on Ur self that u love her and make anything to make her happy even if she said to u to jump from the highest mountain in the whole world. Shia and Sunni are the same, but try Ur best that she could be Sunni.something personal for u(you don't find any Egyptian girl whom u loved , don't lie on yourself there is a lot) Good Luck

  • Marry her. Marry for love. You will never forgive yourself if you don't. Don't marry an Egyptian girl just to make everyone else happy - it is you who has to spend the rest of your life with this person - not them. They would be happy and you would be miserable.

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    as obvious from your question, you are desperate for everyone to tell you that you're right. you want support to help you make your decision. that is why i will do what you definitely need now. i'll tell you the reasons why you SHOULD NOT marry her. not because that's what i think you should do, that decision is up to you and no one can make it for you. but when you;re in love; your brain turns into a pile of mashed potatoes and your heart rules over everything in your life, and everyone knows how destructive this can be.

    so here are the resaons that oppose your marriage:

    1) your family: it is not unimportant, your family is your everlasting support system. they are the single most important safety net that is ready to help you on all accounts and under any circumstances. maybe in many western countries the situation is not like that anymore but here in egypt it still is. and in return for all this moral and psychological support they have a right to ask for as little as a small intrusion in your life every once in a while. maybe that annoyed us as teenagers a lot but when you have kids you'll realise how difficult it is to see them make a wrong decision and not being able to do anything about it. sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong. and it's your job if they're wrong to prove to them they are but without defying them.

    2) religion:

    a- فاظفر بذات الدين تربت يداك

    b- maybe there are no problems now, but what about when there are kids who need guidance and religious upbringing?

    3) marriage and love are synonims, they should go hand in hand and never be without one another. the descripancy is between marriage and what's before marriage. during engagement, both of you are hot-headed and so full of the energy of love for each other with no other way to express that love to each other more than fiery love phrases and strong promises and defying your families. but once you guys get married everything changes. you love each other through respecting your families and you express your love to each other by maintaining your home and raising your children. at times like these you will regret losing anything for marriage

    now given these points; my advise to you is, at this moment, you are in desperate need of your brain. ignore your heart and use your brain alone now, because whatever decision you make will affect the lives of you, that girl, your family and her family.

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    Same thing is happening with my sis and her bf. Well, if you want to be realistic, you should marry the girl of your dreams. I am sure your parents will accept it. Let them know if you have not already.

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