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In all respect, is there a point to atheistic Satanism?

I’m not trying to mock you or anything but why Satanism if you are an atheist? I can see it appealing to rebellious youth but mature adults? I hope I’m sounding respectful but I don’t get it.

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    This is a really good question. (give me a second)

    Edit: Thanks for waiting. Here you go.

    I’ve been a Satanist for some twenty plus years so I qualify as an adult. Some, might however, question the maturity thing. I can assure you that I am both highly educated and a contributing member to my local community.

    I was raised Baptist and even at an early age I saw the hypocrisy of the church and that it was intellectually bankrupt. I read in the Bible about turning the other cheek and watch those who did get walked on and bullied. I listen to the preacher condemn adultery and watched the choir director play hide the salami with a woman in the congregation. I saw my own parents freak out over marijuana usage at our junior high and watched my dad get come home hammered every Friday night. I listened to my Sunday school teachers talk about how god created everything in six days and saw that it flew in the face of geology, astronomy, archeology, etc.

    Then I looked at the main symbol of the Christians church, Jesus suffering and dying on a cross. Now think about that for a minute. Talk about a symbol of ineffectuality and failure. Even modern Christian art work paints Jesus as a pansy. He is effeminate in most paintings. There is no power or strength there. There is no celebration of being strong, capable or competent.

    Christianity holds self deprecation as its highest virtue and condemns pride as a sin. Talk about getting it backwards. How are you ever going to be great if you don’t consider yourself great? You are and will be what you aspire to be.

    So for us atheistic Satanists we don’t believe that there is a god or devil or tooth fairy for that matter. These are all just symbols. While god is a symbol of weakness, slavery, ignorance and ineffectiveness Satan is the polar opposite. Satan is the celebration of what it means to be a human animal. Satan is a celebration of being the best you can be, of living in the now and not putting off the celebration for an afterlife that will not occur. Satan is about working hard and playing hard and reaping the rewards of your own dedication and hard work. I am the center of my universe. I bow or beg before no being real or imaginary.

    Many people don’t see the power of symbols and myths and have no need for them. That is okay, they don’t need to be Satanist. Then there are those of us who enjoy and value myths and symbols. And for those of us Satanism is a viable philosophy.

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    Satanism is simply the reverse of the Christian religion- I don't know much about satanist rites, but putting Satan in the place of God and hanging up crosses upside-down sounds like a twisted mirror-image of Christianity to me. So, essentially, it is a strong rejection of the Christian religion- a form of protest against the established faith.After all, Satan, the fallen angel, is the archetype of the rebel in legend and history- look at Miltons "Paradise Lost", for example. As Satanism is a form of rebellion, it has a strong appeal to young people- being a teenager means rebelling against virtually everything. I have never heard of an OLD Satanist.

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    Satan works within the Liberal Christian Churches ,destroying the belief in the literal interpretations of the Bible.Satanism is a diversionary tactic to make one think that's where Satan would be.Meanwhile ,he has practically ruined the Catholic Church,the Presbyterian,United Methodist , help spring up the Unitarians,the LDS,the Jehovah's Witnesses.Has wrecked the 7th Day Aventists.Hey,that's my opinion and I stand by it.

    Meanwhile ,people see harmless Ozzie Osbourne and go "OOH! A devil man!!

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    Actually, I believe the asker is referring to the philosophy of Anton LaVey who founded the San Francisco based Church of Satan. To those responders who don't understand the idea of atheistic Satanism, Anton was an atheist who simply used Satan as a metaphorical tool for his ideas about Pride, Strength, etc. Also, the Devil always gets "good copy", so, referring to his group as a Church of Satan was an ingenious marketing ploy!

    I don't know if there really was a "point" as you put it...

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    I would have thought you'd have to believe in God in order to believe in Satan, because without God Satan would never have existed and could not exist.

    I'm not an atheist but I'm not a Christian, I don't believe in the concept of heaven and hell but I do believe in an afterlife, and I think mature adults who believe that the only thing following life is an eternity of damnation and agony have serious self-worth issues...

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    Hmmm. I am an atheist, yet I am not a satanist.

    I think perhaps there are certain advantages of having a religion:

    1) Tax-deductible contributions to it

    2) Tax-exemption for the church/temple/synagogue

    Starting my own religion would be a very attractive idea.

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    A lot of people think Satanism is the worship of the devil. This is false.

    True Satanism is the worship of self. Just as Satan put his own desires before God's, Satanists follow the principle "do what thou wilt."

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    I am Agnostic. No God No Satan. If I were to believe in anything it would be Reincarnation/Buddhism, but not a god as the Christians believe nor Satan as the Christians believe.

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    I don't see a point in it either, because if you don't believe in God, then why on Earth are you gonna worship Satan??? if there is one, there is most certianly the other. besides, if i were gonna worship something ( i worship God), i would definately pick something better than a fallen angel who feels nothing but complete hate towards humans

  • No, I see no point at all. If a person doesn't believe in a god, what's the point of believing in a devil? According to Christian belief, Satan was one of God's angels who got power hungry. So, if you don't believe in god, how could there have been angels to have become evil?

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